Lori Senecal: Leading with Strategic Vision

A measure of the success of a man can be a mere listing of his many achievements from President, to CEO, and then Chairman of the Board. His career is always moving vertically with pats on his backs all the way to retirement. No one asks why a man is so lucky because it is expected for a man to power his way to the top. Male success is a blood sport and best described as the collision of egos.

Lori Senecal is more than the sum or her parts. Her rise to success is best understood within the context of womanhood. Lori Senecal has a very successful career which is not powered by pure ego but by sustainability. Sustainability requires toughness, resolve and a unique understanding of the human spirit.

The goals of successful marketing of a business are based on your ability to build a brand. Lori Senecal, in her rise to the top, created a brand in herself by using strategic vision which is the formal phrase for “thinking out of the box.” She established herself as a leader.

Senecal built her career as the president of McCann Erickson in New York. Her premium global accounts included Coca-Cola and Nestlé. According to Salary1, she moved on to being named the CEO of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners and then named president and CEO of the MDC Partner Network. Her work with McCann Erickson became integral to kbs+’s BMW business.

KBS surged from 250 to over 800 people worldwide. Like bees to honey, KBS serves the commercial interests of such companies as American Express, BMW, Home Goods, TE Connectivity, William Grant & Sons, Simmons Bedding Company, Victoria’s Secret PINK, Boar’s Head, Harman, and Vanguard. Lori Senecal is now the Global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky (CP+B) which advertises Hotels.com, “Captain Obvious.” She has the responsibility to do again what she does best. In a recent report by campaignlive.com, CP+B opened a new shop in Beijing, China.

Senecal’s best role as a leader is her relationship with her employees. She pushes them to achieve their successes. She encourages her employees to build their brand. With all of the Lori Senecal’s success, she does not have a big personality, and sometimes she refers to herself as being shy and has been viewed as soft-spoken.

Senecal has reflected on her life as a child. She was the youngest of four children. Being at the bottom forced Senecal to develop her identity and accomplishments.

Source: http://www.adweek.com/tag/lori-senecal/

Basics Concerning Rick Smith; CEO Securus Technologies

Rick is a renowned entrepreneur who has invested in a correctional facility. He is highly educated and earned several bachelors from different institutions. His associate’s degree was earned from Rochester Institute of Technology, and his master’s degree in engineering from the State University of New York. Rick Smith also pursued an MBA from the University of Rochester. His academic credentials reflect his matchless ability to traverse through the business community. His leadership qualities have been honed over the years. At Securus Technologies, Rick has been holding influential offices. Mostly he has been serving as the president and CEO. As well, Rick has worked at Eschelon Telecom Inc. as president and CEO. Global Crossing North America Inc. is also one among the ventures in which he had held various offices.

Details About Rick’s Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a correctional communication company. Their head offices are located in Carrollton, Texas. They employ high-end technology that helps individuals visit their incarcerated friends from home. From the ratings they have received so far, the company is offering solutions to a wide range of issues. For the people with imprisoned relatives, there are the specific hours when you can make calls and bond with your loved ones. Most interesting is that you have the opportunity to video-call them. In most cases, the videos give a closer attachment than mere calls. Their top-quality services have made their service quite popular. With the trend, they are likely to take even greater transformation into the incarcerated environments.

Wide-ranging Technological Service Provided by Rick’s Initiative

Rick Smith is committed to taking service at Securus Technologies to another level. As such, he promised to keep integrating technologies to greater levels. Of late, they designed a software program to be used in maintaining safety within prisons. The LBS software was employed by some jail officials to track some corrupt employees. According to the report, they used the program to monitor the phone calls. They managed to get all the information they needed to get hold of the official. From the conversations, they had been receiving money from the inmates and helping them source drugs. Those in charge of enhancing security employed Securus Technologies’ design. They even called the CEO, Mr. Rick Smith, to comment on how useful their service had been. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.


As seen, Rick Smith is an influential leader with an attachment to his employees. Such great milestones demand to pool together talents. It took the founder to discover the secret. Right now he boasts of owning a successful communication company specializing on prisons. Securus Technologies is always setting the pace. In fact, it is the leading inmate communication service provider in terms of integrating high tech.

Read more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/rick-smith-12

Helane Morrison; a Tough Enforcer of Corporate Law

Helane is the Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC, a big advisory firm in San Francisco. Besides that, she is a member of the Executive Committee. The company’s customer bases expanded significantly after 2008 when people’s faith in the financial sector dwindled. People initially only relied on Hall for managing their finances. However, the company began to delve into enforcing accountability due to a pressing demand for the service.


How Morrison Works


Helane is a firm and hardworking woman. She has had a huge impact in the area of compliance. She insists that all investments that Hall makes on behalf of its clients be ethical. The company ensures that all the brokerage firms, the advisors that are part of any deal undergo a thorough investigation. When the staff that Helane works with detects any anomaly, they take corrective measures that may include pressing charges.


Helane’s Past Employment


Before she joined Hall in 2007, she was in charge of the San Francisco office of the SEC. She had been at the US Securities Exchange Commission since 1999. During her time at the SEC, she had various duties such as handling litigation, enforcement of SEC rules, and other related duties. She handled fraud cases that involved some of the biggest corporations in America such as Google, HBO, and HP. Besides that, she exposed a major scheme by American Amicable that involved the sale of false securities to 50,00 military personnel.


Her Work before the SEC


Before Helane became part of the SEC, she worked at a law firm for 10 years. Her work there entailed business litigation, handling corporate investigations, SEC matters, and much more. Before that, she had worked as a law clerk to Harry A. Blackmun and to Hon. Richard Posner a judge at the US Courts of Appeal.


About Helane Hall


Helane has a journalism degree from the Northwestern University, IL. Additionally, she studied law at the California Berkeley School of Law. Her main reason for joining Hall Capital Partners was because if its diverse leadership culture in the finance world. Besides that, she wants to help restore faith in the financial markets, after they lost confidence in it during the 2008 financial crash. She has a firm belief that her current position is a great way for her to do that. Hall also participates in public discussions about financial fraud, which is something that is dear to her. She has not wavered even once in her career in her quest to fight injustice in the financial sector.

Tips on How to Market towards Customers

Of the many online reputation management firms that have been assisting small as well as large businesses to grow by offering excellent services in order to make sure that not only the clients’ information is up to date, but also that the reviews of the firm are positive, there is one company that stands out in particular for the creative solutions that are provided to each client. This company is known as Status Labs, a company that was founded by Darius Fisher who has been a leader and helped Status Labs grow. Darius Fisher attributes the success of his company to the creativeness of his team and their ability to think outside the box. In recent news, Darius Fisher and his team have provided free tips to companies in order to market what they have to offer to clients.

Here are the following tips:

1.) Be a Story Teller

Whether or not the facts are being told is important; however, what is also important is that one tells the facts in a manner that impresses the client or engages them. Any individual hearing a pitch will be much more interested in what is sold if they are interested in reading or hearing about the product.

2.) Stay on Topic

When pitching an idea or a product, make sure that there is preparation ahead of time in order to stay on topic. Do not divulge into a sub-topic and lose track of the main point. Many sub-topics within a pitch will make the clients lose interest with what is being said.

3.) Know Who the Client is

Each company has a demographic or a specific client that they are catering towards. This is always true and it is always important to specifically gear the sales to that client. This does not mean to lie about the product, but instead to tell their specific client why they should invest their time and money into buying what a business has to offer. Offering the truth will get a business far within any competitive industry all over the world.

Brad Reifler: Amazing facts you never knew

Brad Reifler is one of the most successful investor and entrepreneur of our time. Brad’s journey to success is an inspiration to all hard working individuals in our economy. Here is some of the amazing facts you have never known about this amazing entrepreneur.

According to Crunchbase, though most people associate Brad Reifler career with the early 1980s, the truth of the matter is that it dates way back. Before founding Forefront Capital, LLC Brad spent most of his early days working his way to the top. Professionally, Brad established himself in the early 1980s through his company Reifler Trading Company. Brad’s company, RTC, would then come and manage millions of dollars in discretionary accounts.

Bloomberg in a report, said that with much success, Brad Reifler would then evolve his business to accommodate institutional research, global derivative advisory, information distribution and execution services.

This saw RTC break ranks and become one of the largest independent futures operation. However, the success was not anything that would deter Brad from his goals. In 2000, after numerous years of hard work, Brad sold his company to Refco, the leading futures company in the world.

Before this trade, Brad Reifler was transitioning himself to become an indisputable force in the global financial markets. The year 1995 saw Brand found Pali Capital a sell side broker that deals with equity markets. Learn more about Brad Reifler: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/bradreifler-226

He seized the expansion in the hedge fund by using a differentiated strategy. Instead of advising the funds on what to sell or buy, Brad took their ideas, combined them with an in depth research on credit analysis and derivative structure.

He then taught his sales traders means of articulating and executing the so-called packed strategy. This saw and immense increase in commission income by the company and creation of employment.

Brad Reifler is one of the greatest forces to reckon with when it comes to matters finance, entrepreneurship and investments. In addition to his wide knowledge and determination, his story will continue being an inspiration to many more individuals in the financial industry.

Jeremy L. Goldstein: How to Find the Best Legal Representation Online

There are quite a number of situations that may warrant the services of a lawyer. This includes seeking one to help you on your child custody situation, criminal matter, landlord-tenant issues, or coming up with a Will among other things.


In some instances, finding that one good, knowledgeable, and experienced lawyer online can prove to be a difficult thing to achieve. Working with just any lawyer you come across isn’t an option, not if you want to succeed in your case. Luckily, there is a now a new and a much convenient way of finding the right lawyer to handle your case: through an online portal https://nysbalris.legal.io.


A new online portal launched by Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) of the New York State Bar Association that helps people seeking lawyers in New York. This portal makes the search easier for you as the lawyers you will be matched with are of a very good legal standing and their credentials have been verified by the New York State Bar Association.


How the Online Service Works


If you are looking for a lawyer, all you need to do is fill a confidential questionnaire on the website detailing the legal challenge you are facing together with your location. Then your questionnaire will be reviewed by the State Bar and you will be matched with a lawyer with an office nearby or within your community.


The initial 30-minutes consultation with the referred lawyer costs about $35, with an exception for social security, personal injury, veterans and military law, worker’s compensation, unemployment or medical malpractice cases. You also have no obligation to hire the lawyer after the initial consultation, but in case you retain them, the additional lawyer fees will determined by the two of you.


Jeremy L. Goldstein


Perhaps one of the best lawyers you can be matched with when searching for lawyers specializing in corporate governance issues and executive compensation is one Jeremy L. Goldstein. He is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, a boutique law firm specializing in offering legal advice to corporations, CEOs, management teams, and compensation committees on the afore-mentioned areas.


Jeremy L. Goldstein has a Juris Doctor (J.D) degree from New York University School of Law, a Master’s degree from the University of Chicago, and a B.A cum laude from Cornell University. Mr. Jeremy L. Goldstein experience goes back to when he was partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, & Katz law firm.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jeremy-L-Goldstein-Associates-LLC/411406302333227 for more information.



Soros Demonstrates Commitment to Open Societies

It’s hard to imagine that the Open Society Foundations, a philanthropic network now spreading across over 100 nations, began with a single man’s dream in 1970. For George Soros, a man with humble beginnings as a Hungarian Holocaust survivor, it should have been unimaginable, but it was not. With the concept of philosopher Karl Popper in mind, Soros developed these foundations as a means of creating and developing societies which promoted individual welfare.

From his earliest philanthropic investments, Soros has demonstrated a commitment to the marginalized and oppressed within nations and globally. Recognizing the deep harm caused by Soviet Communism, Soros sought to undo this damage by founding a university to promote and teach critical thinking, and investing in cultural exchange activities that would expose residents to different cultures and ways of governing. Read more on NYTimes.com

For Soros, a society exists to support and promote the welfare of its residents. Like Karl Popper, he believes that societies will only thrive when they support individual rights and expression under some form of representative government. With this overarching goal of individual freedom in mind, Soros has supported organizations that defend individual civic rights, same-sex marriages, and directly opposed xenophobic policies and government actions. Learn more about George at Biography.com

While Soros has kept a long view of global interest and promoted global welfare, he has also made significant contributions to causes within the United States political and social welfare arenas. He has given millions of dollars in support of unlawfully imprisoned citizens, victims of police brutality, and immigrants being harassed or poorly represented in the legal system. While his billions of dollars in philanthropic donations over the decades have been to a huge variety of causes, organizations, and people, a common thread is clear: throughout the years, George Soros has used his wealth and influence to help the marginalized and oppressed.

Learn more: https://www.project-syndicate.org/columnist/george-soros

InnovaCare Health’s Leadership

InnovaCare is a top provider of Medicare and Medicaid physician practice services and advantage plans. The firm is committed to offering quality healthcare to its clients through the creation of affordable and sustainable models that incorporate with the current advanced technologies. InnovaCare Health deals with two Medicare Advantage plans. The two include PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. The firm has a membership base of approximately 200,000 people which is served by over 7,500 providers. The patient is the top priority at InnovaCare Health. Their mission is to redefine healthcare management. InnovaCare is based in Puerto Rico. It has a good leadership management in a place that is headed by Dr. Richard Shinto.

Dr. Richard Shinto serves as the current CEO and President of InnovaCare Health in Puerto Rico. He worked as the CEO and President at Aveta Inc. between 2000 and 2012. He also served as the member of Aveta’s management team. Dr. Shinto has over 20 years in clinical and operational healthcare. He has been able to accumulate a lot of experience and skills. Richard was the chief medical officer at NAMM California before he went to serve at Aveta Inc. He worked at Medical Pathways Management Company where he was the chief medical officer and the chief operating officer. Rick Shinto was the corporate vice president of Medical Management at the MedPartners from 1996 to 1997. He later went on to work at Cal Optima Health Plan in Orange County where he was the chief medical officer.

Rick Shinto started his medical profession as an internist and pulmonologist in Southern California. Shinto has written a number of articles about clinical medicine and healthcare. He holds a BS that he acquired from the University of California, Irvine and a medical degree earned from the State University of New York, Stony Brook. Penelope Kokkinides is the reigning chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Healths. She joined InnovaCare Health in 2015. She has been through certain promotions since then. She is the former chief operating officer at InnovaCare Health. She previously worked at Aveta Inc. where she was the chief operating officer. Shinto has over twenty years worth of experience in the healthcare industry. Her specialty is in government programs and managed care.

View the company profile at LinkedIn.

Penelope studied at the Binghamton University where she acquired her degree in Biological Sciences and Classical Languages. Penelope also has a Master’s in Social Work which she earned from the New York University and a post-masters Advanced Degree in Alcohol and Substance Abuse.

Read more: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20141002006266/en/InnovaCare-Subsidiary-MMM-Healthcare-Acquires-FirstPlus-Medicare

Roberto Santiago: Pioneering Developments in Paraiba, Brazil

In November 2014, one of the most modern architectural designs in Paraiba, Mangabeira Shopping Mall, was inaugurated by long-term businessman and investor – Roberto Santiago. The estimated number consumers expected at the inaugural grand opening occasion was 350 thousand people. This high turn up was expected as is the custom in the town of Paraiba when retail network stores opened for the first time. The auspicious event also brought in a massive turnover in profits, higher than any records in the country. This ratified the potential spending of Roberto Santiago’s latest business venture. The mall created thousands of jobs for the duration of its construction.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall remains one of the largest shopping centers in Paraíba and has passed through five expansions since it was built. According to the entrepreneur’s declarations in 2014, the percentage of Paraiba customers that would migrate to his latest venture, Mangabeira, would surpass that of Manaira by at least 5 percent. Manaíra Shopping has consistently maintained a steady customer growth rate of between 10% and 15% every year.

Manaira Mall has an entertainment section with eight cinema complex rooms, including two with Active 3D technology, Game Stations, Gold Strike and Strike Bar, a bowling section, a park and children’s Pirlimpimpim, a gym facility, a bank, and the Paraíba Higher Education College. Read more on blogdogordinho.com

The project to create Mangabeira was planned between the years 2007-2009. When compared to Manaira Shopping, however, Roberto Santiago says that they are two completely different projects. Official shopping opened in 1989, to the residents of Manaíra. The region, which until then, was only made up of residential homes, developed into a row of buildings and commercial complexes in the surroundings of the Mall. Santiago says Manaira Mall gave a head start to the city’s planning. Mangabeira also added commercial value to the area, according to critics in 2014. The area was already fairly populated, however, with an over-valuation of land and property. Currently, Manaira mall is one of the biggest development supporters in the entire southern region of Paraíba.

Roberto Santiago

Robert Santiago was born on July 16, 1958. He studied at Pio X-Marist College, a heritage institution in the capital, and graduated with a Business Administration degree at the University of João Pessoa. Professionally, he began his career at Santa Rosa Café but invested in his company. Later, he left active employment to enter the real estate industry. Today, he is a successful developer with several high net worth projects under his name. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.

Vijay Eswaran Moves From Part-Time To One Of Malaysia’s 50 Richest

Vijay Eswaran has described himself in his many books as being a man looking for the perfect direction in life after he had spent the majority of his youth traveling with his father and as a student.

After graduating from the London School of Economics in 1984, this Malaysian born business leader became one of the most important multilevel marketing experts in the world only after spending time looking for his perfect role in many different businesses; Eswaran first became involved in direct sales on a part-time basis when he was told about the industry while working as a driver in London. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: http://mlmnation.net/dato-vijay-eswaran-taxi-driver-worth-500-million-dollars-932/

Since becoming involved in the direct sales industry, Vijay Eswaran has embarked upon a wide range of different roles within this sector as he has sought to become one of the most respected individuals the industry has ever seen.

In 1998, the QI Group was developed by Vijay Eswaran and his many investors, including business partner Joseph Bismarck; the company was looking for an opening into the industry and found it with a range of commemorative coins celebrating the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

The QI Group has not settled into any kind of ongoing groove in terms of the products and services offered; under the leadership of Vijay Eswaran, the QI Group has expanded its offerings to include a university and a resort powered exclusively by renewable energy sources.

In February 2017 the latest and possibly most ambitious decision in the history of the QI Group was taken when ground was broken on an ambitious QI City that can be found in Malaysia.

The 26 acre site has been chosen as the first step in developing a commercial and residential city that will be founded on the ethical values of the company and its leader, Vijay Eswaran, including a dedication to preserving the environment that has seen the company already move to become as paperless as possible.