Brad Reifler starts Forefront Capital

Recently, Brad Reifler has started the financial service firm called Forefront Capital with the intention of allowing middle Americans to enter the investment industry. Together with its subsidiaries, Forefront Capital offers an alternative investment management and service firm for non-accredited investors who felt that they are put at a disadvantage by the rest of Wall St.

The community fostered by Forefront Capital and Brad Reifler himself is built around its ability to attract both highly influential business leaders and the common man. Clients are generally viewed as long-term partners which aids the firm in its ability to provide coherent and beneficial portfolios for all.

Forefront Capital has a unique business model in that many of the different problems that seem to plague all of Wall St. are not applicable.

For example, there are no management fees associated with the management of a portfolio. Usually, the biggest firms on Wall St. provide damaging fees that are not associated with the performance of the portfolio a broker is managing. In general, this means that the less wealthy clients of the firm are financial drained of their funds and capital. This makes the brokers get richer regardless of their performance.

Next, many of the investment opportunities that are only available to accredited investors are available for all through Forefront Capital.  This means that middle class Americans are generally left with poorer performing options in regards to investment options. Through Forefront Capital, however, many of the previous options that were seemingly unattainable for the average individual are now available.

Finally, all the investment options through Forefront Capital are guaranteed to have minimal correlation to the stock market. This lowers the general risk involved for non-accredited individuals. Most of the options available to the average American are highly tied to the performance of the stock market, making them inherently risky. However, with Forefront Capital, this is no longer a concern.

Be sure to follow his journey to it’s conclusion on his official website:

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