Shea Butter Translates to Beautiful Skin

When we talk of maintaining skin and beauty, Shea butter is always a part of the discussion, probably because it is generally utilized in beauty products especially for the skin. It is edible, but women find this fat works far better on their skin than on their food.

Shea butter’s magic started spreading as early as in Cleopatra’s time. She was known for her obsession for beauty and had caravans of Shea butter delivered for her hair and skin regimen.

In modern times, Shea butter has been used to maintain healthy, soft and smooth skin.

Below are some skin benefits derived from using Shea butter:

  • It has been widely used worldwide to get better skin and hair. It contains vital fatty acids to enhance the production of collagen.
  • Shea butter has nourishing vitamin and fat contents that make it a good protection against dry skin and other skin disorders. It keeps the skin moisturized by guarding the natural oils in the skin.
  • Studies show that due to its acid content and other healing properties, Shea butter minimizes skin inflammation like acne.
  • Long term use of Shea butter shows that it promotes the softening and strengthening of the skin, and even helps slow down or lessen the formation of wrinkles.

No wonder Cleopatra was passionate about Shea butter! It not only made her skin look good, it was also high in crucial fats and vitamins needed to protect her skin against dryness, inflammation and damage! Maintaining her beauty needed continuous supply of Shea butter!

EuGenia Shea is a company named after the owner’s mother, Eugenia, and the company’s major product, Shea. EuGenia Shea’s all-women operation is promoting every woman’s eternal goal – youth and beauty! is focused on the magic that Shea butter does on the skin and making skin products that get women craving for more. Their products can be used every day to maintain the suppleness and softness of skin, or as a dermatological relief to heal dryness and other skin imperfections. Start living the confidence of a modern-day Cleopatra with the help of EuGenia Shea!

Michael Zomber Talks About His Antique Weapons and Books

In June 2016, Michael Zomber was featured on a podcast that was launched on the iUniverse portal. The focus of the podcast was on Shogun lemitsu, which is one of several books that he has published. This novel is about samurai warriors who rise up against the brutal Japanese government in the 17th century. Shogun lemitsu gives readers a strong sense of actual events that involved the Tokugawa leadership of Japan. During the podcast, Michael Zomber does much more than just explain the story line of this fascinating book. He goes into the details of samurai culture and other Japanese customs that he knows quite well.

As a young adult, Michael Zomber began collecting antique weapons. In his early years as a collector, he mostly acquired American firearms such as pistols and rifles. Eventually, Zomber became fascinated with oriental weapons such as samurai swords. By having the swords in his own collections, he truly understands the mentality of Japan’s elite warriors. He believes that such traditional weapons have spiritual powers that cannot be integrated into modern firearms.

With decades of experience in studying the history of antique firearms, Zomber has become a respectable expert on the subject. The History Channel has invited him numerous times to appear on popular shows about guns. For example, Zomber made some guest appearances on Guns of the Orient and Guns of the Famous. After appearing on the shows, he was heavily inspired to enter the film industry. Zomber and his wife Andrea opened their own production studio called Renascent Films.

Michael Zomber once again shared his love for oriental culture by releasing Soul of the Samurai. This documentary features some shocking revelations about samurai warriors. For example, Zomber talks about the extreme code of honor that is known as Bushido. The Soul of the Samurai gives viewers a good sense of the rigorous guidelines that have dictated the lives of Japan’s elite fighters for many generations.

Kevin Seawright: Changing Lives Through Affordable Homeownership

Every government would wish to offer affordable housings for its citizens. In most cases, this venture is not an easy one. Governments have realized that it needs collaborations between governments and non-governmental organizations. Kevin Seawright is an example of people who have come out to help address this issue. An article published on news channel website on 27th July 2016 described how he has touched the lives of many people through his company, RPS Solutions LLC.

The article reported that the company that was established in 2015 has constructed and renovated many homes with the sole objective of availing affordable homes to inhabitants of Baltimore, and others from the neighborhood. According to the article, he had always had the enthusiasm to make homeownership affordable to the dwellers of Baltimore. He believed that homeownership is a significant step in wealth creating and development and that stable homeowners mean stable neighborhoods.

The article further states that through a partnership with Baltimore city officials and housing & community development, the company has plans to refurbish homes, particularly for people buying homes for the first time but lack the capital to acquire new homes.

To understand the magnitude of the homeownership issue at Baltimore, the article included a story of a man whose mother worked alongside Kevin Seawright since he was 10 years old, but could not afford his own home. The man named Jerel could not afford to have a home because of his budget. Through his mother, Kevin Seawright helped him acquire a renovated house and the feeling he got from helping a young man own a home was overwhelming.

The society needs more people like Kevin Seawright, who would come out and do their best to ensure that the situation of the fellow citizens is improved. The RPS Solution LLC is touching lives and bringing hope to the humanity in Baltimore city, and its surrounding areas.  Check him out on social media, including Twitter and SoundCloud.

Choosing A Reliable Source For Investing Education

Jim Hunt has promised to make his mom a millionaire in just 10 trades, and he has promised to show, step by step, how the entire process works. He also putting the entire tutorial on YouTube, so check out and follow along as he takes his mom to millionaire status in no time.

When it comes to investing or starting a business, it is imperative to choose a proven source of knowledge. You want to make sure you learn from someone who is well known for providing step by step instructions or tutorial, and who has a great reputation in the industry.

Jim Hunt has been providing reliable guidance and coaching to those who are serious about achieving great success in the business and wealth building areas. As a successful investor and author, Jim Hunt has created a vast range of books, courses and other information products to teach other people what to do to reach financial freedom.

When your family and friends find out that you are going into a business or investing field, negative people among them will try to discourage you. Don’t even try to explain yourself to these people because it will not make things better. Just stay away from these pessimists while pursuing a better life. They will pollute your mind and make you lose focus. Ignore them and move toward attaining a great life of financial independence.

This company has a wide variety of information materials, which are created to help ambitious individuals start their own venture or grow their existing business and portfolio. Many financial and business experts publish their information products through VTA Publications. Check out VTA Publications and Jim’s books and courses, and learn what you will to achieve the success you desire.