Michael Zomber Talks About His Antique Weapons and Books

In June 2016, Michael Zomber was featured on a podcast that was launched on the iUniverse portal. The focus of the podcast was on Shogun lemitsu, which is one of several books that he has published. This novel is about samurai warriors who rise up against the brutal Japanese government in the 17th century. Shogun lemitsu gives readers a strong sense of actual events that involved the Tokugawa leadership of Japan. During the podcast, Michael Zomber does much more than just explain the story line of this fascinating book. He goes into the details of samurai culture and other Japanese customs that he knows quite well.

As a young adult, Michael Zomber began collecting antique weapons. In his early years as a collector, he mostly acquired American firearms such as pistols and rifles. Eventually, Zomber became fascinated with oriental weapons such as samurai swords. By having the swords in his own collections, he truly understands the mentality of Japan’s elite warriors. He believes that such traditional weapons have spiritual powers that cannot be integrated into modern firearms.

With decades of experience in studying the history of antique firearms, Zomber has become a respectable expert on the subject. The History Channel has invited him numerous times to appear on popular shows about guns. For example, Zomber made some guest appearances on Guns of the Orient and Guns of the Famous. After appearing on the shows, he was heavily inspired to enter the film industry. Zomber and his wife Andrea opened their own production studio called Renascent Films.

Michael Zomber once again shared his love for oriental culture by releasing Soul of the Samurai. This documentary features some shocking revelations about samurai warriors. For example, Zomber talks about the extreme code of honor that is known as Bushido. The Soul of the Samurai gives viewers a good sense of the rigorous guidelines that have dictated the lives of Japan’s elite fighters for many generations.

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