Shea Butter Translates to Beautiful Skin

When we talk of maintaining skin and beauty, Shea butter is always a part of the discussion, probably because it is generally utilized in beauty products especially for the skin. It is edible, but women find this fat works far better on their skin than on their food.

Shea butter’s magic started spreading as early as in Cleopatra’s time. She was known for her obsession for beauty and had caravans of Shea butter delivered for her hair and skin regimen.

In modern times, Shea butter has been used to maintain healthy, soft and smooth skin.

Below are some skin benefits derived from using Shea butter:

  • It has been widely used worldwide to get better skin and hair. It contains vital fatty acids to enhance the production of collagen.
  • Shea butter has nourishing vitamin and fat contents that make it a good protection against dry skin and other skin disorders. It keeps the skin moisturized by guarding the natural oils in the skin.
  • Studies show that due to its acid content and other healing properties, Shea butter minimizes skin inflammation like acne.
  • Long term use of Shea butter shows that it promotes the softening and strengthening of the skin, and even helps slow down or lessen the formation of wrinkles.

No wonder Cleopatra was passionate about Shea butter! It not only made her skin look good, it was also high in crucial fats and vitamins needed to protect her skin against dryness, inflammation and damage! Maintaining her beauty needed continuous supply of Shea butter!

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