About InnovaCare Health And New Appointment Of Experts

InnovaCare Health has proved to offer some of the most reliable managed healthcare services across Puerto Rico and for some years, the company has embraced a new culture that has seen them transition from a small business to an established company.

Since inception, InnovaCare Health has come up with measures that have worked to enhance service delivery and their systems have been re-designed to include cost-effective processes that are targeted at enhancing the performance of different sections.

Through the acquisition of new and modern equipment, InnovaCare Health has managed to rank well among customers and their services have attracted customers from different areas. One of the biggest missions the company is looking forward to is to extend their services beyond Puerto Rico. Therefore, InnovaCare Health has established a system that has been training staff and in recent developments, they hired more executives to help in the implementation of the vision at http://www.bizjournals.com/newyork/bizwomen/wotm/6104172/Penelope_Kokkinides.

One of the most experienced professionals who were appointed into an executive position is Jonathan Meyers, an actuary who has helped many companies to execute roles in Medicare and Medicaid programs. Jonathan is categorized among top executives since he is currently the chief actuary at InnovaCare Health.

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With more than 10 years working as an actuary, Jonathan Meyers is a key professional who will ensure InnovaCare Health emerges as an established provider of physician practice services. His office will work together with other professionals to ensure the Medicare Advantage plans offered are beneficial to customers. He has proposed the acquisition of modern technology that will speed up the implementation of tasks.

Most importantly, InnovaCare Health has boosted the face of the accounting office by hiring Mike Sortino, who will be working as the chief accountant. Mike Sortino boasts of at least 15 years in the industry and is proud to join the company and his vision is clear as far as offering reliable services is concerned.

The management of InnovaCare Health
All the achievements InnovaCare has made have been through the effort of the leadership team, which comprises of professionals like Dr. Richard Shinto. As the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health, Dr. Rick Shinto offers guidance on various issues that affect the growth of the company.

He brings effort that is directed at boosting performance and his presence in the company enhances the achievement of the vision set at inception. Together with the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides, they have managed to secure the best executive team to streamline the performance of InnovaCare Health.

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