What Doe Deere Can Teach Us About Knowing Your Brand

From a young child who was born in Russia before moving to New York City, Doe Deere exhibited all the signs of an artistic individual with a deep need to visually express herself. She can recall days of playing dress-up with her mother’s makeup and experimenting with bright and bold fashion choices.


Now Deere is the founder and CEO of a cosmetics company called Lime Crime that has captured the imaginations of millions of young women. Beauty lovers covet Deere’s imaginative products like her Unicorn Lipsticks which feature metallic pink packaging and her Diamond Crushers lip glosses that provide lips with so much sparkle they can be spotted from yards away.


When Deere made the bold decision to start the company back in 2008, she wasn’t simply an entrepreneur trying to capitalize on a trend. Rather, she was trying to fill a gap in the market. Deere had spent her teenage years trying to find bold and playful makeup but was disappointed to find that the majority of major cosmetics brands played it safe with minimalist imagery and limited color choices.


The goal of Lime Crime was to provide makeup consumers with bold and unique color choices that would allow them to express their own unique creativity. When her Unicorn Lipsticks hit the market, fans blogged about the exciting new color choices they had never seen before.


Fans of Lime Crime also love Deere’s unique imagery when it comes to packaging. Staying true to her own personal aesthetic, Lime Crime packaging features whimsical images of unicorns and metallic and glittery materials.


The company’s website also uses bright colors and playful imagery to set the tone of the brand’s fun and dreamy aesthetic. The product descriptions reflect Doe’s sense of humor and her preference for fun in contrast to the stoic and minimalist marketing campaigns that top cosmetics brands tend to use.


Lime Crime is now a force to be reckoned with as products continue to fly off the shelves. The brand’s Instagram account boasts millions of followers. Lime Crime’s Tumblr also has an enormous following with fans sharing the page’s bright and colorful images.


The brand’s success is the result of Deere’s devotion to her own personal aesthetic. In Lime Crime’s nine years as a cosmetics brand, Deere never deviated from her creative vision. This dedication has resulted in millions of loyal fans who trust that Deere will continue to put out products that they will love.


Deere has remained fully in control of her own brand. She trusts her creative intuition and clearly it has paid off. With huge retailers like Urban Outfitters stocking Lime Crime products, Deere’s whimsical imagination has launched a craze that remains unstoppable.

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