Jim Tananbaum’s Contribution to Mindstrong Health

Jim is the founder and CEO of Foresite Capital. He started this company after having honed his experience in medical fraternity for decades. Foresite has been of great assistance to Mindstrong Health, a startup company that is changing the way measurement is done for those with mental conditions.

Mindstrong Health

Mindstrong Health is a new company, which is successfully using smart phones as aiding technology to the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders. The company was proud to announce the receipt of $14 million for funding of its programs. Investors such as Foresite Capital, ‘One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund’ and ‘ARCH Venture Partners’ were responsible for this encouraging support.

Through the use of patients’ phones, Mindstrong is able to measure brain patterns by observing how these phones are put to use. The company pays attention to the scrolling and typing activities of the patients. Through the data collected here, it is possible to judge the patient’s mood and understanding. This in turn helps medical professionals to understand patients’ processing speed, their memory and mind function.

Mental health, according to Mindstrong CEO Paul Dagum, has been subjected to the subjective reports compiled in the patient’s clinical environment. This is not accurate enough since the basis of good medicine is objective measurement. The objectivity of the results captured through this platform guarantees accurate assessment. Visit Medium for more info.

Academic Achievements

Jim is an established academic having two masters’ degrees in different fields. Jim’s Ph.D was earned from ‘Harvard Medical School’ in 1989. He has an MBA, which he attained from ‘Harvard Business School’. He graduated in 1991 with this degree a couple of years after graduating with a ‘masters of science’ from MIT. Tananbaum’s first degree was in computer science from Yale University.

Work Expereince

At ‘Prospect Venture Partners’, Tananbaum offered his services for nine years. He had initially been the co- founder and chief executive at Theravance for a period of three years. For four years prior to Theravance, Jim was at Sierra Ventures, a company he helped start. He worked there for four years. At GelTex , Jim was not just a founder, but also the chief executive. This was before moving to Sierra Ventures.

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