Securus Technologies Assisting to Close a Cold Case

My team of crime scene investigators were in a really tough spot this week. We were told that if we could not bring a close to a cold case, the suspect was going to be released and able to hurt more people as a result. The family of the victim in that case were terrified because the suspect already said he was going to hold them all responsible for his short time in jail. All signs pointed to the suspect, but unless we got a full confession or we found more evidence, he was going to be on the streets again.


With time running out on this case, we knew it would be impossible to locate any type of new evidence without help, so we headed to the local jail in the hopes our suspect was talking to other inmates about our case. We made sure to let everyone know why we were there and who we were looking for help on. When Securus Technologies installed the inmate call monitoring system, it gave officers the ability to listen when inmates called family or called other inmates too. This was going to be key in our investigation.


One of the inmates went running to talk to our suspect, calling him on the phone and making a real mess of things. Instead of keeping his mouth shut like instructed by the suspect, he went on a tirade about him getting someone to go clean up the mess at a location before they pinned it on him too. He said his family was not going to go down for a crime they weren’t part of. He gave us all the information we needed, to the frustration of our suspect. We were able to get to that location before the suspect could notify anyone to help him.


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