Vincent Parascandola AXA Advisor in Business

There are many small business owners who need help planning for the future. Working with a professional is a great way to accomplish your business goals. There are many investments firms that are willing to give advice to business owners to help them get to a new level.

Vincent Parascandola is one of the leading experts in this industry. When he was young, he started a variety of companies. With this experience, he is able to help others who are in the same situation. Working with AXA Advisors is a great way for Vincent Parascandola to impact other people around him. Visit Wallet Hub for more info.

Starting a Business

Vincent Parascandola has years of experience running his own business. With this experience, he is able to help other people with their plans. There are some people who are worried about losing money in their business and going broke.

If you want to succeed with a business idea, you have to be willing to take a chance. There are some people who wrongly assume that all business ideas are risky. Vincent Parascandola wants to help business owners across this risk spectrum. There are some business ideas that require little capital or risk.

AXA Advisors

According to Brightscope, Vincent Parascandola has worked for AXA Advisors for many years. During his time with the company, he has helped hundreds of people with their business ideas.

Anyone who needs professional help with their business plans should work with Vincent Parascandola. He has a lot of knowledge and experience that can help take your business idea to a new level.

Richard A. Smith; The Connection at Securus Technology

Richard A Smith has a decorated career in Information technology. He has held several positions in different companies in the sector over the last nineteen years working at various functions such as finance, information technology, and operations. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Securus technology. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and an MBA from the State University of New York and the University of Rochester respectively.Rick Smith’s experience and focus made him the perfect candidate for the CEO position at Securus in 2008. Previously, he was CEO of a telecom company. During his time, the company revenues grew eleven times to $350 million and recorded 48% compound annual growth rate. At Securus technologies, Rick has been instrumental in leading the company to be the best in the industry. His strategy is to increase the communication spectrum, expand the company’s product and service lists, build relations with industry players and invest in top notch technology. He also encourages innovation and team building. Rick leads one of the largest team in the industry.

Today Securus has the most product and services offering in the industry and the largest communication spectrum. Rick views Securus technology as a strong and valuable investment. Service and product development at the company is a continuous process. Rick argues that continuous review of services and products helps in solving crimes and prevention of social problems. The company is positive about customer feedback and is among the technologies that receive emails of appreciation from customers. Securus received the Gold Stevie Award in Best Customer Service Training Department Category.Rick Smith also led the company to sign a purchase agreement to take over JPay Inc in 2015. The move positioned Securus technology amongst corrections’ fast-growing segments. JPay technologies specialize in electronic payments, apps, email and entertainment tailored for correctional facilities. Their services are accessible in 33 state based prison systems. Rick Smith was given the mandate to run JPay as Securus subsidiary

About Securus Technology

Securus Technology specializes in the provision of technology solutions for civil and criminal justice. The company’s objective is to improve and ensure public safety and to make the incarceration process easier and up to date. Securus technology renders its services to law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities, and public safety organizations by Penelope Kokkinides. Its services are available to over 1 million inmates in North America and over 3400 agencies. Their services and products link family and friends of the incarcerated, ensures information sharing by correctional facilities, give inmates access to security, and assist criminal investigations.Other services offered include emergency response, monitoring, communication and verification. Securus aims to be the top high-tech software solutions and provider that creates value and quality products and services. They distinguish themselves as having superior technology, collective intelligence, unique products that meet different needs and being the leader in communication and innovation provider in the industry.

Take Control Of Your Color With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere, marketing specialist, technology expert, and cosmetic designer was nominated for female entrepreneur of the year because of her creative cosmetic line. Her cosmetics encourages her users to be bold about the makeup options they choose. There are thousands of reasons to take part in the Lime Crime color revolution today. Deere, provides a popular line of eye-shadow and lipstick products. Each product is completely hypoallergenic and blends well with your original look while adding a great line of color. Join the thousands of other women around the world who have made the switch to LC cosmetics. Learn more:

Cosmetics are suppose to be fun says, Deere. She strives to empower her wearers with colors that will help them reinvent their look and be unapologetic while doing so. You get water-proof colors that will last throughout the day eliminating the need for multiple applications. Choose from colors like Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet. In fact, there are 2.4 million Instagram followers who are already raving about the new Scandal lipstick line under the Lime Crime name which offers a tremendously blended purple-violet hue lipstick shade. Deere, thought it was very important to expand her cosmetic line to intricate colors that are hard to find anywhere else. Learn more:

The more colors you wear the more you with love the LC name. They were voted one of the largest growing cosmetics in the industry by famous online beauty magazine Savior Laflare. Deere did an in depth interview telling her readers about her daily regime along with how they can find out what they’re good at, perfect their craft, and become an entrepreneur. Her goal is to build the self esteem of others to do what she has done. She admits her peers were not always happy about her ideas and saw her vision for her color scheme. Learn more:

You can learn more about Lime Crime products by visiting their official website. However, there are thousands of free YouTube tutorials from women around the world who give you creative ways to mix, match, and blend their cosmetics. You will never wear their products the same. You can also take part in their Unicorn hair dye collection which offers the same bold colors you’re use to. Get a full 700 ml jar that is good for one two temporary or one full permanent application. Her Unicorn hair dye collection is set to hit the market any day now.

There is a list of products on their website which offer their customers free shipping offers and hundreds of colors to choose from. You must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid credit card to place an order with Lime Crime. You’re invited to find your favorite color by visiting their website today. Learn more:

Important information about Larkin and Lacey

Both Larkin and Lacey are the founders of the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. The primary aim of their idea was to put in public the ill fate of the leaders. Furthermore, Larkin and Lacey have boosted many civil and human rights organizations across Arizona. Read more: Phoenix New Time

They are doing so with a purpose of creating equality in the society that has long been defined by discrimination and injustices. The origin of the money for their boost was from the arrest by Sheriff and later compensated with$ 3.75 million which they decided to channel them to assist the people of Arizona.

Larkin and Lacey were arrested after publishing the revelation of the grand jury proceedings of Sheriff. Their revelation pushed for the amendment of the First Amendment rights that calls for the equity of rights to all citizens within Arizona irrespective of the age, gender, race, and background.

The two took their case of arrest to the United States Court of Appeal and emerged as the winners after their case. In assist to the society, they boosted various organizations that were advocating for the change and yearning for the equality in the society.

The primary goal Larkin and Lacey were to cushion the residents of the Arizona against discrimination and increase the depth of justice and fair treatment to all citizens regardless of their background and the race.

Through their fund, they came up with an organization called Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The group was founded by the two with a purpose of ending the discrimination of the migrants across the globe. The aim of bringing it up was to create a room that will place the migrants’ rights match with those of other citizens.

Additionally, the organization was also set in response to the border killing that had been witnessed in America –Mexico border. By doing so, it set up a good foundation that made the life of all citizens flow along the expected line of living standard and eliminate the massive exploitation of the migrants in Arizona and United States altogether.

The Advocates for Human Rights primary agenda is to fight for the human rights. The agency carries out its duties through its branches across the world. Through the support of the volunteers, the organization has achieved a lot in the activism of civil and human rights.

Much of the effort of the Larkin and Lacey was concentrated in creating a better environment for the migrants and the citizen. To make so happened, they established a proper network that enables them to address the challenges of discrimination that being faced by migrants.

This led to a tremendous transformation in the areas that had been marred by racism and violation of the human right within Arizona. The set organization also educated citizen on their rights and sensitize them on the importance of speaking with one voice against discrimination.

Indeed, Larkin and Lacey created the best platform that fights for equality for all human being in the society regardless of the gender, race and the background to end discrimination in Arizo