Richard A. Smith; The Connection at Securus Technology

Richard A Smith has a decorated career in Information technology. He has held several positions in different companies in the sector over the last nineteen years working at various functions such as finance, information technology, and operations. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Securus technology. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and an MBA from the State University of New York and the University of Rochester respectively.Rick Smith’s experience and focus made him the perfect candidate for the CEO position at Securus in 2008. Previously, he was CEO of a telecom company. During his time, the company revenues grew eleven times to $350 million and recorded 48% compound annual growth rate. At Securus technologies, Rick has been instrumental in leading the company to be the best in the industry. His strategy is to increase the communication spectrum, expand the company’s product and service lists, build relations with industry players and invest in top notch technology. He also encourages innovation and team building. Rick leads one of the largest team in the industry.

Today Securus has the most product and services offering in the industry and the largest communication spectrum. Rick views Securus technology as a strong and valuable investment. Service and product development at the company is a continuous process. Rick argues that continuous review of services and products helps in solving crimes and prevention of social problems. The company is positive about customer feedback and is among the technologies that receive emails of appreciation from customers. Securus received the Gold Stevie Award in Best Customer Service Training Department Category.Rick Smith also led the company to sign a purchase agreement to take over JPay Inc in 2015. The move positioned Securus technology amongst corrections’ fast-growing segments. JPay technologies specialize in electronic payments, apps, email and entertainment tailored for correctional facilities. Their services are accessible in 33 state based prison systems. Rick Smith was given the mandate to run JPay as Securus subsidiary

About Securus Technology

Securus Technology specializes in the provision of technology solutions for civil and criminal justice. The company’s objective is to improve and ensure public safety and to make the incarceration process easier and up to date. Securus technology renders its services to law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities, and public safety organizations by Penelope Kokkinides. Its services are available to over 1 million inmates in North America and over 3400 agencies. Their services and products link family and friends of the incarcerated, ensures information sharing by correctional facilities, give inmates access to security, and assist criminal investigations.Other services offered include emergency response, monitoring, communication and verification. Securus aims to be the top high-tech software solutions and provider that creates value and quality products and services. They distinguish themselves as having superior technology, collective intelligence, unique products that meet different needs and being the leader in communication and innovation provider in the industry.

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