The contribution of Jim Larkin Michael Lacey in the fight for human rights

Freeing humans from bondage

Initially, governments used to dictate people and guide their thoughts towards a certain direction. The dictatorial system reduced the chances that people had in airing their views and having a freedom of expression.

With this mentality, people did not get a chance to be free. As transition processes took place, the governments were slow to the adoption of changes which happen in the world.

Most of the leader still had the same mentality that the previous governments had, and this led to the development of human right groups. Several groups have come up and are fighting for their freedoms and the ones of the other people.

The importance of human rights

The people with power and influence have always used them for the wrong purposes. There are several people who use their influence to oppress and take all the rights of the others.

This system of existence does not support freedom of speech and coexistence in the society. For this reason, several civil and human rights groups have come up to fight the impunity that is eating the world. As the influential people try to suppress the wants of the public, the human rights groups stand in their stead.

The Frontera Fund

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were victims of oppression. A few years back, the journalists wrote an article about a sheriff in one of the states in the United States. The Sheriff did not like the idea and the article which was written about him.

He took it personally. Later, the sheriff used his powers to convict the duo who were arrested unlawfully wrongfully. After a long battle in the courts, the journalists were found to be innocent and compensated 3.75 million dollars.

Instead of using the money for their personal effects, the gentlemen donated it entirely to the groups that fight for human rights.

The Migrants Rights Groups Advocacy

The Migrant Rights Group is one of the most active groups fighting for human rights in the United States. Learn more about Michael and Lacey:

The organization has been actively involved in fighting for the freedom of the migrants especially in the United States. Currently, the immigrants in the United States have faced a lot of challenges.

The current regime has put a lot of restrictions on them which reduce their freedom of operation. The civil group has ensured that the migrants get a fair treatment and rights as the normal citizens. The struggle has been harsh, but the group has made a lot of progress.

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The Life and Career of George Soros

Impacting on the lives of other people is very fulfilling. If a list of the world’s most philanthropist individuals in the world would be written, George Soros would most definitely be in it. He has generously given more than $12 billion to date. He has significantly supported individuals and organizations that have fought for the freedom of expression all over the world. Organizations that seek to have both society and government that is transparent and accountable have also received aid from George Soros. While giving, George Soros pays an extra focus on people who are discriminated against for being who they are. He, for instance, has extended his support to the various groups that represent the Roma population. Soros has also provided solace to persons pushed to the edge of the ordinary society such as sex workers and drug users. George Soros is motivated to extend help to this individuals since he has undergone similar biases.

George Soros was born in a country called Hungary back in the year 1930. He was privileged to survive the Nazi occupation which was between the year 1944 and 1945, where over 500,000 Hungarian Jews were murder. His family survived because they were able to get identity documents that did not reveal their actual background. George Soros says that they were faced with an evil force and were lucky to not only survive but to help other people survive. In the year 1947, George left his hometown and went on to London. In London, he enrolled in London School of Economics. To support his studies, Mr., Soros was working as a night club waiter and a part time railway carrier. Nine years down the line, he moved to the United States of America to pursue his financial and investment career.

Soros Fund Management was the first of his hedge fund. He launched it in the year 1970. It marked the beginning of his success since George Soros would later become part of the historical investors in the United States. The Open Society Foundation which is comprised of a network of partners, foundation and projects in over 100 counties was the result of Soros’ investment. In the year 1979, George embarked on his works of benevolence. He gave black South Africans scholarships. He also steered the open exchange of ideas in the Eastern Communist Bloc. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Soros created the Central European University. George Soros who is now in his 80s still takes part in the works of the Open Society Foundation. He does this by traveling to encourage the formation of positive changes in the world. According to the Open Society Foundation, Soros once wrote that financial market has granted him more independence than it has given other people.