Roberto Santiago; a Successful Business Owner of the Mangabeira Shopping

Mangabeira Shopping was inaugurated in the year 2014 on November 31. As one of the most modern architecture, it is located in João Pessoa, the capital city of Paraiba. The Mangabeira Shopping is all the work of Roberto Santiago, a famous visionary businessman. With its initial potential of attracting more than three hundred and fifty thousand customers, at the time of its inauguration, the Mangabeira Shopping had nothing to lose. In fact, there was a high record in some of the Mangabeira Shopping stores turnovers than any other business in the country during the early days of its opening. This summed up the potential that the business belonging to Roberto Santiago harbored.


Mangabeira shopping construction took around two and a half years and consumed nearly half a billion reais. The construction was enormous that it created around three thousand job opportunities. The Mangabeira Shopping is not meant to interfere with the proper operation of Roberto Santiago other businesses according to him. Roberto Santiago other business includes the largest shopping center in the capital of Paraiba, the Manaira Shopping. Manaira is an older shopping that was opened in the year 1989 which has been expanded five times since its inauguration. Roberto Santiago in his speech said that he is expecting the shifting of the customers from this Manaira Shopping to the Mangabeira Shopping would reach around five percent. However, this will be insignificant as the Manaira Shopping has always been dynamic and maintained the growth in the movement of customers at ten to fifteen percent.


The idea about the construction of the massive modern Mangabeira Shopping arose between the years 2007 and 2009. The two businesses, Mangabeira Shopping and Manaira Shopping, are entirely two different businesses in general in the social aspect of the urban. At the construction of the Manaira Shopping, there only existed houses but the shopping mall took the surrounding to become an array of shopping and commercial houses. According to what Roberto Santiago puts forward is that the city runs towards the Manaira.


With the inauguration of the new Mangabeira Shopping, valuation comes into the city as the perspectives of 2014 showed. However, the area has a dense quit population, and it is expected that the social economy of the people in the area will evolve to higher levels. This situation has already been experienced in the area according to Roberto Santiago. The emerging vast and medium commercial units in the area lead to the rapid growth the banking district.


Roberto Santiago was born in João Pessoa in Santiago in the year 1958. He studied at a local traditional college in the capital before proceeding with his degree in business administration at the University Center of João Pessoa. After his education, he started off his career at the café Santa Rosa. Later on, he began his own company and further on joined the allotment area where he gathered experience.


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