The Success of Bridget Scarr

A respected writer and creative producer, Bridget Scarr has been making her name known for quite some time. Scarr has produced content for a variety of genres including digital content, tv and augmented reality. Bridget Scarr has nearly two decades of experience as a producer. She has built her career on connecting with large audiences while appealing to their emotions. Recently Scarr sat down with ideamensch to share some insight into her successful career.


Currently Bridget Scarr is the head of content development at Colibri Studios, a well known content development and television studio. Scarr spent years working to produce other peoples ideas as she worked as a tv producer. She decided it was time to bring her own ideas into existence and thus Colibir Studios was born. Scarr now has the freedom to share all of her ideas regardless of what category they may fall into.


Much of Bridget Scarr’s success stems from her precise daily routine. Scarr is a believer in the power of meditation and begins each day with this practice. She credits meditation with her ability to stay focused throughout the day. Her daily routine consists of lots of family time which includes a daily family lunch. She has a firm balance in her life dedicating morning time to work but leaving evenings for her son and family.


Scarr believes her success is the result of some specific traits. Outside of her consistent meditation, Scarr is dedicated to feeding her need for creativity. She takes out time just to find inspiration and motivation to fuel future ideas. Scarr believes taking time out is the most productive thing she can do. This process is energizing and keeps her fresh.


Bridget Scarr believes in getting rid of fear. She is a believe in taking chances and embracing the journey. She has been dedicated to using her God-given gifts and working hard to do as much as possible with them. Her work has produced a career that is respected by many people in many different genres. With an amazing track record and a commitment to success, Bridget Scar should be around for many years to come.


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