The Importance of Securus Technologies in Revolutionizing Communication in Rehabilitation Centers

Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas based company that services law enforcement, correction agencies and public safety institutions with technology solutions that will aid them solve crimes. The company provides numerous services such as emergency response, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, monitoring services and products, communication, incident management and information management.


Recently, Securus Technologies published a sample of the comments that were made by their facility customers. These were collected from email communications and formal letters that they received from prisons and jails within the United States.


In a comment, a client commended the partnership with Investigator Pro, which made the LBS services the best in the business. The LBS services were also praised by numerous others who said that they had helped the Sheriff’s department to recover drugs, stolen money and other illegal assets. Some of the clients even owned up that without the services of Securus technologies, their work would be way more difficult.


In the comments, there were numerous cases in which investigators had recorded telephone calls that had crucial information about some crimes. For instance, an inmate was recorded talking to his younger sibling about how to answer questions about a shooting. Such information, courtesy of Securus would be instrumental in the case solving process.


Another customer expressed his reliance on the services of Securus Technologies for over a decade now to improving the safety in the correctional facilities as well as revolutionizing the incarceration environment. The investigative tools were also recognized for enhancing the investigations in case there were cases of harassment within the correctional facilities.


Overall, the vision of the company in revolutionizing the communication services for the inmates was highly recognized and praised for what it had brought to the table. Securus Technologies is in pursuit of safety in the institutions.


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