The American Institute of Architects Advocates for Better Working Conditions

Architects are the foundation of our physical existance. Architects define the safety of our buildings. In many ways, architects hold our existance in commercial and residential premises. With that in mind, architects deserve every ounce of support from the society. That is why the American Institute of Architects receives honor from citizens. This is linked to the fact that the institution supports architects in many ways.

Background Look

The American Institute of Architects was established by 13 experienced architects. These men held a meeeting with the sole purpose of founding a strong institute to empower this career field. Since then, the instition has supported many architects. In the institute are over 100 members. These members fall into different categories. Some of the categories include :

  • Engineers
  • Building contrators
  • Team leaders
  • Project handlers
  • Managers

While architecture comprises of men as the major shareholders, The American Institute of Archtects has made it essential to include women in the field. That is why until now, the organization honors women in the industry. The American Institute of Architects offers learning programs to women. Aside from that, this institution awards women through various projects. Since 1975 when The American Institute of Architects was formed , over 1,000 architects have gained experince. In other words, their careers have evolved into comptentency. The American Institute of Architecs has also licensed the career of these women. Follow AIANational on Twitter.


In leadership, AIA has many team leaders. The insititution believes in team work and credibility. Under this docket, the head cheerleadeer is Robert Ivy. In his capacity as the president, he has revolutionized AIA through proper streamlining.

Ivy’s Input

Ivy is also the CEO of AIA. He has introduced a dynamic network of management to its success. With his leadership, the organization has garnered over 1,000 architecture clients. He has also fostered proper service delivery with the commitment to offfering unmatched services. For Robert Ivy, the AIA is the backbone of building and design in America. What better defines AIA is its mission to work with community project leaders. To save the society from the adverse effects of adverse weather , AIA advocates for professional designing. Besides, the foundation understands the value of strengthening the society through public outreach.

Project Management

AIA works with positive initiatives to strengthen the society. With excellent leadership, the organization has served many clients in many ways. Its rich legacy is proactive in making the world a better place. Together with the efforts of its leaders, AIA heightens architectural awaress in the community.

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  1. I think that it is very good because it presents a creative balance in the business of Architectural designs that is very good for development. Together with what order provides on them, I see the reason why we should expect better things from them in the future. With the quality of leaders at AIA I’m sure that they are going to bring good ideas to the table.

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