Elysium Health Combining Science With Cellular Health

Elysium Health is a consumer health company that was founded in 2014 by Dr. Leonard Guarente, Daniel Alminana, and Eric Marcotulli. Elysium Health works with a team of scientists from prestigious institutions like Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard to do research that improves our understanding of fundamental biology and to create evidence-based products for the market.

A Daily Supplement to Support Health

Elysium Health knows that putting supplements on the market is a big deal. After all, people are trusting their personal well-being to the supplements they consume. That is why Elysium Health works to ensure that their products work as advertised and seek to improve people’s well-being.

Basis is the first supplement sold by Elysium Health. It supports cellular health by boosting levels of a critical coenzyme NAD+ in our cells. The idea behind Basis is based on 25 years of prior research that Dr. Guarente and other scientists have worked with.

Why Boost NAD+ levels?

The coenzyme NAD+ is critical to many functions in the body like DNA maintenance and sleep cycles. As we age, levels of NAD+ decline naturally and those critical functions begin to break down. But Basis has been clinically proven to increase levels of NAD+ in humans by an average of 40%.

Designed for long-term use, and third-party tested for quality, Basis supports cellular well-being by keeping your NAD+ levels at optimum levels.

Subscription Plans

If you are looking to support your cellular health, then Basis may be the product you’re looking for. Different subscription plans to monthly deliveries of the supplement are available on Elysium Health’s website. The most popular option is a six-month supply of the supplement for $270 (working out to be $45 per month). A simple monthly subscription is available for $50 per month, as well as sales of individual bottles containing 30-days’ worth of Basis for $60.

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