American Institute of Architects – Changing the World One Step at a Time

AIA’s goal is to improve the impact of the lives of the people in each of its communities and the surrounding areas. They wish to do this while providing the highest quality products. Disaster relief and the health and well being of each person in and around each community is part of that goal.

The American Institute of Architects’ CEO Robert Ivy notes that the detail in the design of their buildings has made a major impact in the improvement of many health aspects. Ivy notes that the design of a structure affects the community’s heart disease and diabetes levels. AIA aims to improve this by designing structures that promote exercise along with the natural intake of sunlight via advanced architectural strategies. They aim to provide pure air and access to the cleanest water. Ivy notes that building material selection has a huge impact on the health of the community. Visit AIA at Conference on Architecture to know more.

A wide range of technical experts are involved in the full development process. These technology experts get together to derive solutions that all allow the community to be healthier. Digging deep is a way for companies to remain on the cutting edge. Involving highly technical minds allows all bases to be touched in the goals that have been set. This is combined with the top-notch management skills that is brought forward by the top architects. This only allows for AIA to succeed.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, the American Institute of Architects is a nonprofit organization that provides memberships for licensed architects. AIA provides educational experiences for license maintenance. Online resources are provided. The appropriate contracts and forms can be obtained from them. They host an annual conference. They maintain groups on most of the social media platforms for that maximum community engagement.

The company’s CEO Robert Ivy has been leading the company since 2011. He oversees a network of more than 90,000 members. Members are comprised of architects and designers. He is a Master Architect with recognition from Alpha Rho Chi for his design communication skills. Robert Ivy has also authored major publications, a biography named Fay Jones: Architect and he speaks frequently about architecture and its effects.

Thirteen architects founded AIA in the year 1857. It has over 260 chapters throughout the world. Read:


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