Omar Boraie Leads the Way to Economic Growth

It is true that many of us look at the upper class who has all the wealth and declare that they are selfish people who only look out for themselves. However, after reading about Omar Boraie and his passion for the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey I can no longer declare that all people in the 1% are bad.

Omar Boraie is like a proud father to the city of New Brunswick. He is the President and founder of the real estate Boraie Development company. He has used this company to help restore the city and make it flourish as an economic center in the Northeast. Check out for more.

Sam Boraie became passionate for New Brunswick during his time traveling in Europe. Going from country to country, he saw economic center after economic center and knew the city of New Brunswick thrive just like one of these European greats.

When Omar Boraie returned to the United States of America, he began working on this dream immediately. He started by making New Brunswick a community that would appeal to families. He has started dozens of nonprofits and funded at least six different outreaches. However, there is one outreach that has become so common it is known throughout the state. Omar Boraie provided a summer of movies to the community for free. Over a span of seven weeks, seven movies are played that can be enjoyed by families for free. As families continue to interact with one another, it builds a community of fellowship that is hard to leave.

According to Press of Atlantic City, Omar Boraie also did what he could to bring jobs to the area keep jobs there. He built commercial real estate that could be purchased cheaper than any surrounding city set businesses would begin setting up shop. He Jobs in the area by convincing Johnson and Johnson to partner with him and open another factory.

Omar Boraie also built a dream team of New Brunswick power elites. These people work in harmony together to help the city of New Brunswick grow and become more influential.

Omar Boraie also strengthened the middle class of New Brunswick. He did this by targeting young families. He knew that young professionals wanted to appear grandiose but could not always afford to do so. He built upper-class real estate and office space and sold that the young professionals for middle-class prices. This allowed them to bring new blood into the city.


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