Jose Hawilla: A Successful Sports Advertiser and Marketer

Sports advertising and marketing is one of the most important industries in Brazil. Brazilians, in general, are sports lovers, so any business related to sports would surely become an instant hit. This is what Jose Hawilla has noticed through the years, and he capitalized on the fact that Brazilians would watch any sport provided that it would bring excitement to their faces. Jose Hawilla, born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, is a former sports broadcaster who has found his way to success in being a sports marketer. He established the Traffic Group in 1980 after an opportunity to create a business knocked. Since the company’s establishment, it has transformed into one of the largest sports marketing conglomerate in the country. You can visit quora

During his childhood days, Jose Hawilla dreamed of becoming a successful athlete someday. However, his parents wanted him to focus on studying, and his dream never turned into reality. Growing up still being a sports enthusiast, Hawilla found a way on how he could feel the thrill of sports while at the same time, earning a decent amount of money to support him and his family. He took a job being a sports broadcaster, and he managed to perfect the skill. However, when he earned a lot of money, he decided to establish his sports marketing firm and named it as the Traffic Group. Check out educacaofisica to know more.

The company was established in 1980, and after its foundation, Jose Hawilla quickly invited some of his competitors to join his newly established company. Jose Hawilla managed to acquire the small players, to the point of monopolizing the industry in Brazil. Later on, he found a way on how he can acquire international sports marketers, and he did use his previous strategy to put his competitors under the umbrella of the Traffic Group. Jose Hawilla also signed a partnership with those who do not want to be acquired by the Traffic Group but would love to help them in the industry. Through the years, the Traffic Group grew, and today, Jose Hawilla is given the task to make sure that international sporting events will be broadcasted clearly, marketed, and advertised for all the people to see.

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