Lime Crime Makes Makeup Fun

Lime Crime beauty items are a great way to add some color to your makeup routine. Whether you want to go bold or more subtle, there are many ways to bring out your best features in a fun way. Lime Crime Venus palettes have many fun colors to choose from, and each color palettes have colors that look great together and will get out excited about your makeup. They come in fun palettes of eight colors, and the Venus xl has 18 fun colors to choose from. They come in different finishes as well such as matte, matte sparkle, metallic, and glow.

You should always begin your beauty routine with a good foundation. Make sure that the foundation you choose offers SPF protection and that it goes on nice and light. You want to avoid heavy or cakey makeup which will age your skin substantially. A good foundation will go on light and smooth and will smooth out any imperfections so that your makeup looks great when you apply it. It will also help your makeup to stay put throughout the day.

The color of the season happens to be purple and many of Lime Crime’s pallets an products have a hue of purple in them such as lilac and lavender. You can also go more bold with colors like plum or ultraviolet. The main thing is to experiment and have fun with color. Practice at home and do not be afraid to try new techniques or finishes. Step outside of your makeup routine and see what new look you can come up with. Many of us get stuck in a beauty rut, and it can be hard to try something new, but that is how you find new favorites and go-to makeup products that you will love. Putting on your makeup should be fun and not feel like a chore.

A highlighter such a Lime Crime’s opalescent highlighter palettes will brighten up your look and come in many unicorn-worthy shades. They are easy to apply and will draw attention to your very best features with minimal effort as well.

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