James Dondero: Giving To Make A Difference

If you are looking for an example on how to be a cheerful giver, look no further than James Dondero. He believes in charitable giving and does so on a regular basis. No one has a high philanthropist spirit quite like him. You will be surprised at what he decides is worth giving too and it really does help. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.


The Dallas Zoo has been a huge receiver of James Dondero’s generosity. Without his help that would have not gotten a new enclosure for the hippos. Plus, by creating a lodge in his honor, they received a huge profit increase as everyone was taking advantage of the lodge as well as seeing the hippos that were right across from it. This put the Dallas Zoo in a very good position to improve on other things. No one expected the donation but received it with joy much to the consumers who really wanted to see some hippos grace the zoo again. Also, for Mother’s Day, Dondero paid for single mothers to have a day with their children in the zoo. He is a firm believer in embracing women.

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Dondero also has to the Bush Library in honor of the veterans. Now they have money to help those vets that need care and support. These people died for our country, and he wanted to make sure that they knew he appreciated their sacrifice in a big way. This a wonderful way for anyone to truly show support for the veterans and Tripp’s that are overseas now.

Dondero loves giving and loves to see people benefit greatly by what he gives. Everyone should have his attitude about helping others. This world would be a very different place as a result of it. Dondero has really set the bar high on charitable giving. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Glenn Schlossberg Devotes Established Technology To New Acquisition

Its executives announced in July 2018 that Jump Design Group has acquired all assets of the Cathy Daniels athletic wear company. Jump Design Group, founded by Glenn Schlossberg, specializes in designing and manufacturing women’s wear and in efficient logistical planning. The company incorporates technology to ensure quality, cost-effective, and reliable operations. This technological support is the foundation of the acquisition.

Ashesh Amin, Jump Design Group’s chief executive officer, explained that although the company acquired the Cathy Daniels brand, the factory operations, sales team, and most personnel will stay in place. Cathy Daniels’ current president, Jerry Passaretti, will join Jump Design Group and continue to lead business development. The intention is to apply Jump Design Group’s high-end American production and logistics technologies to improve operations at Cathy Daniels without changing the brand.

Steve and Daniel Chestler, sons of Cathy Daniels’ founder, feel confident they have made the right decision in turning their family legacy over to Glen Schlossberg’s company. Their father started the sportswear line in 1984 from the beginnings of selling clothing from the back of a station wagon. Amin stated that over the next two to three years he expects to see customer-driven nationwide distribution via the innovative logistics platform. Visit wwd.com for full article.

Jump Design Group’s executive team points out that the company is not focused on acquiring struggling companies and turning them around. Instead, the Group looks for sound businesses that lack the finances or expertise to incorporate technology into production and delivery operations. The Group will strengthen these company’s infrastructures while maintaining brand integrity; although, Jump Design Group expects to expand the lines its acquired brands offer.

Glenn Schlossberg possesses an enthusiasm for entrepreneurial spirit. His father was a dressmaker, so Glenn Schlossberg grew up surrounded by the activities of a fashion warehouse. He later studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Schlossberg embraces his role as leader and expresses pride in treating each member of his organization as vitally important. Additionally, Glenn devotes time mentoring through organizations that nurture young entrepreneurs, such as the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.