Mathew Fleeger teams up with Sadie Keller to fight pediatric cancer

Sadie Keller is not just a bubbly eleven years old. She is a cancer survivor, philanthropist, and a motivational speaker. She is also the founder of Sadie Keller foundation which is a non-profit organization that provides support to children fighting cancer.

When Sadie was seven years old, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. This is aggressive cancer that attacks the blood and bone marrow. She spent three years undergoing chemotherapy and was declared cancer-free in May 2017.

During her treatment process, she was always hopeful and confident. The one thing she struggled with during her treatment process did not understand what cancer was. She did not want other children fighting cancer to feel the same, so she started making informative videos about the disease, and she also shared her experiences with cancer. She shares these videos on YouTube.

When Sadie and her family started the foundation, the main aim was to create awareness for the research funding that is required by scientists working on cancer in children. Sally has managed to get individuals to donate to her cause. Matthew Flegger has extended his philanthropic work to Sadie’s foundation.

Mathew Flegger is the founder and CEO of Gulf Coast Western. In 2018, Mathew hosted Sadie’s Sleigh toy drive. During the toy drive, Mathew managed to raise $ 14 000. This surpassed Sadie’s goal of acquiring 13000 toys for her foundation. Mathew Fleggers donations to the foundation will be used to buy gift packs for children with cancer and also for their families.

Mathew Fleeger also takes part in lobbying for increased expenditure to be allocated on pediatric cancer in the fight against cancer. The foundation had also received a $ 25000 donation in September of 2018. The foundation depends on such contributions and gifts from well wishers and people of good heart to survive and move forward.

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