Article Title: Shaquille O’Neal Joins Steve Ritchie For Papa Johns

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Shaquille O’Neal has been brought on as the new brand ambassador for pizza company, Papa Johns. He will be joining the company’s board of directors as part of an $8.25 million dollar agreement. The president and CEO for Papa Johns, Steve Ritchie, has gone on record as saying that Mr. O’Neal has a great business sense and can help build lasting ties with consumers and empower employees.

Mr. O’Neal has mentioned wanting to bring Papa Johns back to the path towards greater heights and believes that working with Mr. Ritchie will help with that. The deal is expected to last around 3 years and help with the over 5,000 stores located around the country. The deal itself is believed to split the $8.25 million behind it between cash and company stock. Shaquille O’Neil is expected to start appearing in ads for Papa Johns later this year. Mr. O’Neal and Mr. Steve Ritchie first met at Mr. O’Neals super bowl party at Atlanta over the big football weekend.

Mr. Ritchie has long looked for someone who can bring greater diversity to the pizza chain. Shaquille O’Neal also possesses restaurant experience and the spirit of an entrepreneur which is a bonus for Papa Johns. Mr. Ritchie recognizes that it’s one thing for a CEO to speak positively about a company and quite another for someone like Mr. O’Neal to promote it. Mr. O’Neal himself has a long history in the public eye spanning over 20 years. He created the Big Chicken restaurant in Las Vegas and currently owns a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts franchise in Atlanta. As part of the deal, he will invest in 9 different Papa John’s restaurants in Atlanta.

Mr. Ritchie has tremendous confidence in the plan to recruit Mr. O’Neal. Mr. Ritchie mentioned his excitement in having Mr. O’Neal on board as part of Papa Johns and as a board member who can bring forth some of his own ideas. In terms of leading Papa Johns towards a brighter future, Steve Ritchie believes bringing Shaquille O’Neal on board is a step in the right direction.

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