Gulf Coast Western Has Notched Out There Own Space In The Oil And Gas Industry

Gulf Coast Western was founded back in 1970 in Texas, but today they have locations throughout the United States, including Colorado, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Matthew Fleeger is the current Chief Executive Officer and President at Gulf Coast Western, positions he took up in 2007 when he took over the family business. Through his leadership over the past decade, Matthew has expanded Gulf Coast to maintain more than 140 drilling locations throughout more than 1,000 square miles of land.

The company name is quite appropriate as they are highly focused on exploration throughout the Gulf Coast. Matthew is on the lookout for areas rich in gas and oil to develop on in the future, even if it means spreading throughout the United States. In order to push for this goal, Gulf Coast Western continues to build relationships around the country, and so far have collaborated with dozens of venture collaborators. Nearly three-fourths of all Gulf Coast Western’s Partners have joined in on multiple ventures with the company with outstanding success.

Matthew Fleeger has spent more than a decade perfecting his talents in business and in the oil and gas industry. Not only does he have a knack for negotiation and planning, but he has been able to build an astounding team with decades of expertise behind them.

In the past, Matthew Fleeger focused his talents on being a successful entrepreneur, starting up his own companies and selling them off after becoming successful. One example is MedSolutions, which is where Matthew he was dedicating his time before Gulf Coast Western. Matthew built MedSolutions from the ground up, a company focused on disposal and transportation of medical waste, and he managed to sell it 13 years later for a great profit to Stericycle. This successful business transaction opened the door for Fleeger to take over Gulf Coast Western for his master negotiation skills.

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