Talkspace is an online therapy program for individuals with mental problems, couples and social media therapy for individuals whose mental issues are related to social media use. Oren Frank and Roni Frank founded Talkspace in 2012 after attending a couples’ therapy that saved their marriage. The platform has experienced licensed therapists who are screened before enlisting them on the platform. Unlike traditional therapy where a client has to wait till the next appointment, Talkspace platform enables their clients to contact therapists using messages at all times. The platform also offers voice calls and live chats that are encrypted to ensure safety and confidentiality.

Talkspace has partnered with Michael Phelps to raise awareness on mental health and encourage individuals with mental issues to seek treatment. Michael Phelps is a renowned Olympic swimmer who has won many medals. His success did not prevent him from suffering from depression and anxiety hence anyone can suffer from mental problems irrespective of their occupation or social class. This campaign will air on a national TV in the US to encourage people to seek treatment.

Michael Phelps will share his experience of struggling with mental illness and how he overcame it. Michael found it difficult to seek help, but when he started talking about it, he felt more strong than vulnerable. He felt very relieved when he learned that he could speak to a therapist through a text message, voice or live chat. This model offered by Talkspace reduces stigma on affected individuals and encourages them to seek therapy. Talkspace expects that more people with mental issues will come out to find therapy. Michael will sit on the board of advisors at Talkspace.

Talkspace has also partnered with New Directions Behavioral Health where New Directions clients will access licensed therapists on the Talkspace platform through the Employee Assistance Program provided by New Directions. Employees have personal and work challenges hence frequently need the services of a therapist to maintain healthy behavior. The partnership will give these employees these services from the comfort of their mobile phones. These employees will not leave their work in the search for mental health services, therefore, becoming more productive. These strategic partnerships enable Talkspace to reach more individuals with mental health issues.

Southridge Capital: Venturing into the Cryptocurrency World

Cryptocurrency is the latest trend in the financial industry considering the rate at which it is being adopted around the world. As a result, most companies, governments and banks have been forced to adopt the technology despite the fact that most people do not understand how it works. Southridge Capital is an example of financial companies that have embraced the new technology in order to remain relevant. Most industry stakeholders agree that there are some questions that need to be answered before the digital currencies can be fully adopted. Southridge Capital is company that offers financial solutions to its clients, and its field of expertise makes the company to be fully aware of the latest trends in the industry. This is because the company’s executive team has a better understanding of the marketplace. As a result, it is now possible for Southridge to successfully execute financial plans in a consistent manner.

Southridge Capital has been funding growth companies around the world through direct investments since its formation in 1996. It is estimated that the company has so far invested over $1.8 billion in different businesses around the world since it began its operations over two decades ago. Southridge offers consultancy services for growing companies that want to move to the next level. Some of the services offered by Southridge include; credit enhancement, securitization, legal settlement services, bankruptcy advice, restructuring analysis, mergers and acquisition procedures, balance sheet optimization, and financial analysis. For more details visit LinkedIn.

About Southridge Capital

In a March 8, 2018 interview by, Stephen Hicks narrated his journey as a finance expert and how he founded Southridge Capital. He said that his experience in the finance industry enabled him to form Southridge Capital as a hedge fund. The company has grown over the years to become one of the leading finance companies in Connecticut. The company focuses on investing in companies that need to move to the next level. Through its reliable search criteria, Southridge Capital is able to identify companies that genuinely need capital injection. As a result, the company has been able to help many companies grow and improve their fortunes. Southridge Capital has a long list of investments that it monitors on a daily basis for resultant cash proceeds.





How The RealReal is Representing the Changes in the Apparel Industry

For a while, fashion retailers have only sold clothing and accessories. While people were satisfied with this model, retailers have been looking for ways to stand out and reach more customers. While the common method to reaching more customers was just selling items at a discount, other retailers have decided on offering unique designs for their customers. One of the latest moves by fashion retailers is making the move into selling beauty products. This is one way to attract plenty of customers because they find beauty products to be a large part of how they present themselves to the public.

The RealReal is only the latest retailer to start selling beauty. Among the other retailers that are selling beauty products is Forever 21. One thing to note is that The RealReal is a consignment company. However, they are not going to be taking the same approach with beauty products. They are instead going to be selling the products. They are also going to be making sure that these products are good for the skin of their customers. After all, the best thing to do for customers is make sure that they have something that is going to make their lives better.

One of the best things about The RealReal is the fashion choices. They have tons of items for people with different approaches to fashion. There are items for people who are hoping to find something that will bring out the best in their appearance. They also have some interesting items for people that are feeling a little adventurous with the desire to explore some different possibilities. The fashion of The RealReal makes it very easy for people to stand out and impress others with their sense of style. This will definitely make it fun for them as they are enjoying their different looks.

Find out more about The Real Real:

US Money Reserve Wins AdSphere Awards Second Year In A Row

US Reserve is a leading company in gold and silver sales and they’ve put together many presentations of their products on Direct Response Television networks over the years. The biggest event they’ve hosted on a DRTV platform was the 2016 Gold Summit.

But they’ve also put together many notable infomercials over the years and with the compelling way they were put together, AdSphere awarded them top prize in their advertising awards show in the categories of “infomercials” and “short form products.” Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

It’s a major accomplishment for US Money Reserve says CEO Angela Koch because US Money Reserve has a specific way of promoting their brand and explaining their products that DRTV allows them to do.

US Money Reserve sells physical gold and silver both in bullion coins and bars, and one of the best ways to buy it is in certified sets that they offer. The sets they have in their catalog include historic events such as World War II battles and most recently the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II which they’ve sold and distributed through a partnership with the Perth Mint of Australia. Connect with US Money Reserve on LinkedIn

Owning coins like these is a way to make sure your wealth can be protected when the stock market or banks are going through losses. Physical gold and silver are always in demand and you can use coins as legal tender and then resell them if you no longer need them.

US Reserve has been a privately-owned gold and silver wholesale company since 2001, and they have made their website more friendly to different devices over the years, especially after its most recent renovation.

Along with scrolling through the catalog, you can also view high definition photos, look at charts explaining the price of precious metals over the years and even see where gold and silver are in live stock market updates. But you should also take a look at the US Money Reserve free gold information kit if you’re new there. Read more: US Money Reserve | Crunchbase and US Money Reserve Reports How to Protect Wealth From Increasing Global Risks in Exclusive eBook | PRNewswire

Introducing the US Money Reserve gold kit is Philip N. Diehl, the company president and former US Mint Director. He explains what US Money Reserve is all about and how they are always ready to help customers understand how owning physical gold and silver can work for them.

There’s even information on taking an existing IRA and changing it into physical gold and silver. All gold and silver information can be found by going to

Robert Deignan: A Way To Entrepreneurship

Having gained his skills from Purdue University from 1992 to 1995, where he was studying for a bachelors degree in Organizational Leadership he is the ATS Digital Services Company co-founder and CEO. In an interview, he talked about how they started the company together with his partners. ATS Digital Services was started in 2011 August.

When he professionally talked about being an entrepreneur, there is one thing that one has to do over and over and it is a recommendation for everyone to try it. That thing in accordance to Robert Diegnan is to put the idea you have in a spreadsheet then look whether it will make any sense. Ensure you get away to create the spreadsheet and have the soundest assumption that is possible. It can be obtained from the experience you come along or get it after doing a comprehensive research. The numbers will never lie and the time you have become limited because the business day has the tendency of going very fast mostly when you are busy. You will note that something is worth pursuing or not after you have analyzed the numbers and then create a spreadsheet, and it will be the time to make a decision.

Robert strategy that has helped him in growing his business is having the strategic way depending on whom you have raised the money from. When looking for an investor, you don’t have to focus on the one with money but just look for the one with other business to have some influences which will be helpful in generating sales or be able to reduce the cost which is from their influence. It will become more secure when investing because of outside influence and it can be helpful for the success of the company.

As an entrepreneur, there are challenges that one will face. According to Robert Deignan, his challenge is much more about hiring qualified personnel yet they are not fit for the company’s culture. Being the owner of the company, they let the workers do their job and don’t try to micro-manage. This is because, as a worker and you require being micro-managed, then, unfortunately, you are not fit for the job.

Lime Crime Makes Makeup Fun

Lime Crime beauty items are a great way to add some color to your makeup routine. Whether you want to go bold or more subtle, there are many ways to bring out your best features in a fun way. Lime Crime Venus palettes have many fun colors to choose from, and each color palettes have colors that look great together and will get out excited about your makeup. They come in fun palettes of eight colors, and the Venus xl has 18 fun colors to choose from. They come in different finishes as well such as matte, matte sparkle, metallic, and glow.

You should always begin your beauty routine with a good foundation. Make sure that the foundation you choose offers SPF protection and that it goes on nice and light. You want to avoid heavy or cakey makeup which will age your skin substantially. A good foundation will go on light and smooth and will smooth out any imperfections so that your makeup looks great when you apply it. It will also help your makeup to stay put throughout the day.

The color of the season happens to be purple and many of Lime Crime’s pallets an products have a hue of purple in them such as lilac and lavender. You can also go more bold with colors like plum or ultraviolet. The main thing is to experiment and have fun with color. Practice at home and do not be afraid to try new techniques or finishes. Step outside of your makeup routine and see what new look you can come up with. Many of us get stuck in a beauty rut, and it can be hard to try something new, but that is how you find new favorites and go-to makeup products that you will love. Putting on your makeup should be fun and not feel like a chore.

A highlighter such a Lime Crime’s opalescent highlighter palettes will brighten up your look and come in many unicorn-worthy shades. They are easy to apply and will draw attention to your very best features with minimal effort as well.

Rick Scott Denies Being A Member Of End Citizens United

End Citizens United was established on 1st March 2015 and was funded by ordinary donors. The organization was started out of frustrations from the decision of Supreme Court’s 2010 on Citizen United Creation.

As a Political Action committee, End Citizens United is dedicated to refuting the calamitous effect of Citizen United and reform the campaign system. The group has striven to show the voters, candidates, the press and the elected leaders that the grassroots are aggressively fighting back against the growing shamelessness of billionaires who try to buy the elections. Their mission is to remove big money from the political system by giving support to candidates for the office who approve with this agenda and election measures that address this topic. End Citizens work with these aspirants to downturn the United States such that the donations will not be disclosed or unlimited.


The political Action committee for the End Citizens recently filed a complaint to the Federal Election Commission alleging that Rick Scot is unlawfully using super PAC to finance his senate campaign. The committee suggests that the aspirant is doing this action to get around the federal restrictions placed on straight contributions to candidate’s campaigns. Rick Scot had set aside $78 million for his campaign treasury. PAC’s has a rule it uses of raising as much money as it can and then spending it as it needs to but only work directly in the campaign process. Thus, it accused Rick Scott of not following the anti-coordination law with the PAC. Scott was the group chairmen before announcing that he was running for a seat in Senate, PAC had pledged to support him get the seat.

Rick Scott vigorously denied the allegations, but End Citizen United counteracted the denial by presenting a document that supported the charge and that Rick was having worked with PAC a few months ago. To prove the point, End Citizens showed the website that indicated that Scott was the chairman of the organization in January. Rick proved that he is not a candidate who trusts in campaigns finance reform; thus it is vital for End Citizens United have victory over him this year at the election box. Even though Scott has denied any allegation, End Citizens persists to gather proof to the contrary. For instance, PAC learned that Rick and the New Republican were working with Jenny Rucker who is a fundraiser. ECU also discovered that Rick’s campaign was recorded at the same address with that of New Republican in February when the charge was filed.

Learn more about End Citizens United:

Hussain Sajwani – A Passionate Philanthropist and a Successful Businessman

The real estate market of Dubai is one of the most lucrative in the world as not only is it filled with numerous luxurious choices in residential and commercial space, but is also amongst the most profitable. The decree of the UAE government allows for the foreign investors to invest in the real estate of United Arab Emirates, and it is this provision that attracted the already successful entrepreneur Hussain Sajwani back to Dubai. Born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, Hussain Sajwani completed his studies from the University of Washington in Industrial Engineering and Economics. After finishing his studies, Hussain Sajwani like any other graduate took an average day job at Gasco, one of the leading oil and gas firms.

However, Hussain Sajwani soon realized that a salaried job is not his cup of tea, and started his entrepreneurial journey by starting Al Jazeera Services. It is an industrial catering firm that provides support and meals to the industries, has worked with major organizations like the construction giant in the United States, Bechtel, and the United States Military Service. Even as the Al Jazeera Service was running well, Hussain Sajwani decided to branch out to the real estate sphere because of the many opportunities it presented in the Dubai real estate market. He relocated to Dubai and purchased a land plot on the outskirts of the city, and the 35 story project he developed was sold out within six months, even when the construction of the project hasn’t started.

Since then, Damac Properties, owned by Hussain Sajwani, has never looked back since. Damac Properties has grown exponentially over the years and has completed thousands of residential and commercial projects since it started in 2002. The success of Damac Properties has put Hussain Sajwani on the Forbes list as the third-richest in the United Arab Emirates with the estimated net worth of close to $3.8 Billion. Hussain Sajwani believes in giving back to the society and empowering local communities and has a thriving corporate social responsibility policy in his firm, Damac Properties.

Damac owner recently announced a huge donation of AED 2 Million to provide clothing to over a million kids globally. Hussain Sajwani has been in the news recently for his relationship with Donald Trump, United States President. Hussain Sajwani family also knows the Trump Family well and are seen dining together on many occasions. Damac Properties and Trump Organizations continue to work together on many large-scale real estate projects.

Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner: A Perfect Definition Of Success

Success and hard work are concepts that are understood very clearly by Mr. Hussain Sajwani, a resident of Dubai. The United Emirates Economy is considered to be a very viable for business. However, it is impossible to mention its success without making reference to personalities such as Mr. Hussain Sajwani. Middle East region boasts of unique infrastructure development that has created a favorable business environment. This atmosphere has been made possible thanks to the effort of people like the Damac owner Hussain Sajwani.


Being the CEO and owner of a Billion Dollar Company is not something that can easily be attained as it requires a great initial effort. Hussain Sajwani, who initially specialized in the food industry started out by purchasing a section of land that was undeveloped. His previous experience in marketing helped him sell 38 units of a building which had not even started being built. As time passed by, he saw the greater opportunity that existed in the real estate market. So, he ended up creating Damac Properties back in 2002. His company primarily specializes in Real Estate Development.


Hussain Sajwani did not start out as a successful business person, but he initially had to work for other firms such as the Abu Dhabi National Oil Corporation and GASCO. It is after graduating from the University of Washington that he ended up in the employment industry and worked for such big Companies. He eventually gained vast experience and skills which helped him to venture slowly into the real estate market. Currently, Damac Properties boasts of having employed over 2000 workers and having developed over 16000 houses.


Hussain Sajwani, a close personal friend to Mr. Donald Trump, has managed to set foot permanently in the real estate development industry. His friendship with Mr. Trump is also, somehow based on the different business undertakings of the two billionaires. Hussain Sajwani’s firm has helped in creating two golf courses for the Trump Organization namely; the Trump International Golf Course and Tiger Woods Golf Course that was also designed by Tiger Woods himself.


The Hussain Sajwani family is very united. Most of the time, he seeks the advice of his household. For instance, the advice that he got from his father was what partly propelled him to great success. His family is also very close to that of Donald Trump since it is evident that they spend holidays together. This closeness is an indication that their association is not entirely based on the businesses that they individually have.


Giving back to the society is something that Hussain Sajwani treasures. His Philanthropic character was exhibited, when he offered to provide food and clothing for the needy persons all over the world during the Ramadan period.

AvaTrade Review: A Broker to Trade

AvaTrade was established initially in 2006 and was referred to as AvaFX. It is an online CFDs and forex broker found in Dublin in Ireland. Avatrade offers its clients more than 250 instruments of trade that range from Indices, Stocks, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies and Bonds among others. Since its establishment, Avatrade has experienced tremendous expansion offering service to more than 200,000 accounts globally. In a month, this broker executes over 2 million transactions and many times it exceeds the $60 billion mark in totality. Apart from Dublin, this broker also has some offices in other big cities all over the world such as Paris, Nigeria, Shanghai, Milan, Tokyo, Sydney, and Ulaanbaatar; Mongolia. Ireland’s Central Bank regulates AvaTrade. Other famous regulators such as Financial Services Commission and the Australian Securities & Investments Commision(ASIC) also regulate this broker.


AvaTrade being a regulated forex broker is dedicated to the provision of tailor-made solutions in trade to its clients. It does this with no regard to the prior experience or knowledge. A client can, therefore, start trading with AvaTrade as immediately as possible on any of their platforms. Ava prioritizes educating and enriching its traders as it considers this very crucial in order to create confidence with its clients. To achieve this, AvaTrade review provides educative materials that teach and train traders about the world of trade and the current markets. They ensure that the information they give to their clients is up to date since they refresh the content provided to the clients to ensure that it remains relevant. AvaTrade meets the requirements of trade for all its clients whether they are beginners or experienced.


AvaTrade has continuously complied with the strict requirements that regulate online trade and hence establishing a good reputation among all traders. It has therefore been widely associated with reliability and integrity. This broker has support representatives who are multilingual to offer support services to its customers. They provide their services for 24 hours in 5 days weekly, and this ensures that the trader can always be accorded assistance any time when the need arises. AvaTrade customer review has been carrying out its operations for almost ten years, and their efforts have been recognized severally with numerous prestigious awards.