American Institute of Architects Looks to Incorporate a More Communal Approach

For hundred of years, architecture was a fairly straightforward, if not mundane, profession to many not privy to its intricacies and artfulness. In today’s information age architects want to stay on the leading edge and bring their industry’s innovativeness to the masses, and technology is how they plan on doing so. Robert Ivy, who is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects, believes that through technology-based solutions such as hackathons along with bringing professionals from other industries together, that architecture can continue to expand and stay cutting-edge.

In a recent interview, Ivy stressed the importance of bringing architects together with programmers, artists, financiers, and even health-related professionals to form a team upon which a community can be built. This approach seems to imply that architecture needs not only architects but entire teams made up of many discipline to find the ultimate solution for each project. The idea is that technology can provide a greater understanding for the importance of architecture, while incorporating other crafts will move the industry ahead in the 21st century. A simple example might be designing a structure that helps people lose weight by incorporating certain design aspects. Building teams allows for nearly limitless approaches and ideologies about architecture that will keep it from going stale. Learn more at Crunchbase about Robert Ivy

In the U.S., the American Institute of Architects is the premier professional organization for licensed architects. The institute was formed in 1857 and was originally named the New York Society of Architects before deciding that they did not want to exclude the rest of the country. Before the creation of the AIA there were no specific educational or licensing requirements an individual needed to hold in order to call themselves an architect. The AIA created a set of standards that would ensure that one had to have an education from an approved institution and a license from a governing body in order to be an architect.

This turned architecture in the United States into an actual profession and established a set of bylaws that required its members to have a uniform education and set of best practices. In order to be a member of the AIA, one must have graduated from an AIA-approved architectural program and be a licensed architecture in his/her jurisdiction. Follow AIANational on Twitter.

While its headquarters are in Washington D.C., there are currently over 300 local chapters of the AIA and have over 90,000 members. Today, they provide to their members education, advocacy in the government, resources, and community outreach to increase support for the advancement of architecture. The AIA has over 200 full-time employees and has a presence in Europe and Asia. They also produce a monthly magazine entitled ARCHITECT: The Magazine of the American Institute of Architects. Visit:


American Institute of Architects – Changing the World One Step at a Time

AIA’s goal is to improve the impact of the lives of the people in each of its communities and the surrounding areas. They wish to do this while providing the highest quality products. Disaster relief and the health and well being of each person in and around each community is part of that goal.

The American Institute of Architects’ CEO Robert Ivy notes that the detail in the design of their buildings has made a major impact in the improvement of many health aspects. Ivy notes that the design of a structure affects the community’s heart disease and diabetes levels. AIA aims to improve this by designing structures that promote exercise along with the natural intake of sunlight via advanced architectural strategies. They aim to provide pure air and access to the cleanest water. Ivy notes that building material selection has a huge impact on the health of the community. Visit AIA at Conference on Architecture to know more.

A wide range of technical experts are involved in the full development process. These technology experts get together to derive solutions that all allow the community to be healthier. Digging deep is a way for companies to remain on the cutting edge. Involving highly technical minds allows all bases to be touched in the goals that have been set. This is combined with the top-notch management skills that is brought forward by the top architects. This only allows for AIA to succeed.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, the American Institute of Architects is a nonprofit organization that provides memberships for licensed architects. AIA provides educational experiences for license maintenance. Online resources are provided. The appropriate contracts and forms can be obtained from them. They host an annual conference. They maintain groups on most of the social media platforms for that maximum community engagement.

The company’s CEO Robert Ivy has been leading the company since 2011. He oversees a network of more than 90,000 members. Members are comprised of architects and designers. He is a Master Architect with recognition from Alpha Rho Chi for his design communication skills. Robert Ivy has also authored major publications, a biography named Fay Jones: Architect and he speaks frequently about architecture and its effects.

Thirteen architects founded AIA in the year 1857. It has over 260 chapters throughout the world. Read:


The American Institute of Architects Advocates for Better Working Conditions

Architects are the foundation of our physical existance. Architects define the safety of our buildings. In many ways, architects hold our existance in commercial and residential premises. With that in mind, architects deserve every ounce of support from the society. That is why the American Institute of Architects receives honor from citizens. This is linked to the fact that the institution supports architects in many ways.

Background Look

The American Institute of Architects was established by 13 experienced architects. These men held a meeeting with the sole purpose of founding a strong institute to empower this career field. Since then, the instition has supported many architects. In the institute are over 100 members. These members fall into different categories. Some of the categories include :

  • Engineers
  • Building contrators
  • Team leaders
  • Project handlers
  • Managers

While architecture comprises of men as the major shareholders, The American Institute of Archtects has made it essential to include women in the field. That is why until now, the organization honors women in the industry. The American Institute of Architects offers learning programs to women. Aside from that, this institution awards women through various projects. Since 1975 when The American Institute of Architects was formed , over 1,000 architects have gained experince. In other words, their careers have evolved into comptentency. The American Institute of Architecs has also licensed the career of these women. Follow AIANational on Twitter.


In leadership, AIA has many team leaders. The insititution believes in team work and credibility. Under this docket, the head cheerleadeer is Robert Ivy. In his capacity as the president, he has revolutionized AIA through proper streamlining.

Ivy’s Input

Ivy is also the CEO of AIA. He has introduced a dynamic network of management to its success. With his leadership, the organization has garnered over 1,000 architecture clients. He has also fostered proper service delivery with the commitment to offfering unmatched services. For Robert Ivy, the AIA is the backbone of building and design in America. What better defines AIA is its mission to work with community project leaders. To save the society from the adverse effects of adverse weather , AIA advocates for professional designing. Besides, the foundation understands the value of strengthening the society through public outreach.

Project Management

AIA works with positive initiatives to strengthen the society. With excellent leadership, the organization has served many clients in many ways. Its rich legacy is proactive in making the world a better place. Together with the efforts of its leaders, AIA heightens architectural awaress in the community.

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The American Institute of Architects Is Helping Change Architectural Design

Robert Ivy, CEO of the American Institute of Architects, carries a vision for the organization. Building, design, and construction should not be the only goals of architects. They should think beyond their field into what tomorrow will demand. The field of architecture can affect so many areas, including relief for disasters, health, sustainability, and so much more.

As such, the AIA commits itself to a decade for developing programs and solutions that will place focus on public health, and addressing natural disasters that affect urban areas. The organization will also offer grants to universities that can help its cause. The AIA will target an international city for the project, and the actual project is still in the planning stages. On the issues of public health, Robert Ivy provides some interesting ideas on how architecture can help. Visit at wikipedia to know more about Robert Ivy.

  1. The goal today is to regard public buildings as social engines, rather than mere objects. Younger architects are more socially engaged and attuned to building for diverse populations.
  2. Architecture can also have impact on non-communicable diseases, like diabetes and heart disease. Architects can design buildings in better ways to encourage exercise and community engagement. Architects can also design them so that occupants have greater access to sunlight and clean air.
  3. The materials that architects use can also make a major impact on health and well-being. Unhealthy material selections can affect millions of people in a negative way. The goal is to build with materials that will improve health rather than just maintain it.
  4. The AIA and Robert Ivy also desire to make architecture more accessible by designing apps that engage technology and design experimentation. The design community of tomorrow will welcome contests that inspire comparative discrimination. Competition is a part of life. Sponsored hackathons can fit right into this concept.

Robert Ivy is an effective leader, and is taking the AIA into its next phase. The organization currently provides resources and support for its members. There are approximately 90,000 members working together to transform the industry and their profession.

The AIA opens up membership to individuals with a professional degree in architecture. The organization helps new and current members to affect public policy and mold the architectural profession.

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