Waiakea Water Stands Out from the Rest

The water bottle industry is estimated at a cool $100 billion dollars. This is not a small amount, yet there are critics about the very nature of bottled water. Some say why a pretty penny on something they can just get out of the tap for free? The other issue of purchasing bottled water is the waste that the disposable plastic bottled create. Plastic is made to have a long shelf life taking about 1,500 years to degrade. This is why Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water stands out from all their competitors. They have created and patented the world’s first ever fully degradable water bottle. It is an additive that drastically weakens the plastic, yet will appear and work just the same as the traditional bottles. It takes only 15 years for this plastic to fully degrade, instead of 1,500 years. Another unique element of this water is that it comes from Hawaii, a place known for purity and beauty. It filters through porous volcanic rock and through the process is infused with minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes that are exceptionally healthy for the body. It is also alkaline and pH balanced. Waiakea is incredibly charitable and have partnered up with PumpAid to give back to the community. For every bottle sold, a weeks worth of clean drinking water goes to poor rural communities in Africa.

Revolutionary water brand Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is making waves in the industry with their mission to help out humanity one bottle of water at a time. The co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Ryan Emmons wanted to create a company that incorporated altruistic elements.

At the time Emmons was 22 and was wanting to make a huge impact on the world and did so with Waiakea. The company grew so fast over 4000 percent in a matter of a couple years. They have won awards and have made it on the inclusive Inc. 500 list. A huge feat that most companies do not ever accomplish in their entire history.

These three elements that make Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water so unique is that they are socially-conscious, environmentally friendly, and the water itself has a plethora of health benefits.