Brian Bonar – a Visionary Financial Executive

The financial services industry is a complex area characterized by mergers and acquisitions, the introduction of new regulations, and numerous expansions in some sections. New companies are venturing in this sector and flourishing, especially in boutique insurance, asset management, and private equity.

Ambitious young entrepreneurs who desire to venture in the financial service industry should be up to date on current affairs and be ready to reinforce their market knowledge. Veteran financial executives like Bonar continually study the market before making any investment decision.

How to improve your career in the finance industry

  1. Study and understand the industry

Since the 2007/2008 recession, the finance services industry has gone through numerous reorganizations. Therefore, aspiring financial executives must be ready to explore and master all the factors that affect the industry. They should focus on developing solutions for challenges that this industry faces.

  1. Academic qualifications and capacity building

Becoming a financial professional will require an excellent educational background and adherence to continuous education requirements. Take short courses and earn certifications from renowned professional associations. Skill improvement is mandatory in this competitive sector. Therefore, capacity-building programs such as educational seminars come in handy.

  1. Embrace the culture

The financial arena has a unique organizational culture. New recruits must know how to converse with their superiors. They should understand the right protocol to follow when faced with a challenge. Hospitality is a virtue that enables financial advisors and executives to earn the loyalty of their clients. For instance, Brian Bonar mixes freely with both junior and senior workers. He values the opinion of everyone that works under his supervision.

The interesting career outline of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is debatably one of the world’s talented and influential finance executive. He is a qualified engineer holding a mechanical engineering Ph.D. Bonar has leveraged technical aspects associated with engineering project to come up with strong financial policies and strategies.

He boasts unparalleled experience of close to 30 years as an expert manager in both finance and culinary sectors. Dalrada Financial Corp. registered enormous growth a few months after Bonar became the chair. His responsibility was to supervise the daily operations of the company and enforce its investment plans.

Bonar heads the Imaging Technology Corporation (ITEC), a prominent designer of color management software for digital imaging hardware. Under his pragmatic leadership, the company has grown from a developer to a strong marketing organization. He has directed several strategic acquisitions that have seen the company expand its operation on a global scale. Today, ITEC offers unique administrative services to its loyal clients.

Bonar’s in-depth financial knowledge and visionary leadership style have enabled him to build a thriving empire in the financial sector. Firms such as Trucept, San Jose-based Adaptec Inc., QMS, and Rastek Corporation have reported significant expansion under his leadership.