Hussain Sajwani: Founder and DAMAC Owner of the DAMAC Group

Hussain Sajwani founded Damac Properties where he is the CEO. His plans helped shape the most prominent real estate boom in the world and also achieved the same feat after the 2008 crash. In the interview, Sajwani attributes his success to the time when he was creative. He starts by explaining that when a customer would buy a pack of vests costing ten dirhams and when the customer left, his father would then raise the price to eleven dirhams. The reason his father gave was that the customer never bought anything from his shop and that he had bought a more significant quantity without any questions. The price implied that there was a shortage of the product in the market. Sajwani explains that his father had identified his customers and that he always had a way of analyzing the market and adapted to changes.

At the time of the interview, Forbes had rated Hussain Sajwani as the tenth richest Arab in the world with assets worth $3.7 billion. In 2017, Damac properties were the fourth largest public company in the Arab world and its only competitor, Emaar operating on a larger scale.

Sajwani further explains that while undertaking his industrial engineering and economics in the University of Washington, he was amazed by the size of the Walt-Mart and decided that he was also going to build something similar when he got back to Dubai property market. On coming back home in 1982, he started his catering service, the Global Logistics Service, which he still owns. He developed the company to become one of the unique and most significant companies in the region. Sajwani further implies that his grandfather also traveled to India and Pakistan for his trade activities, and believes that trade exists in their family blood.

Sajwani’s involvement in real estate began in 1996 when he first constructed five three-star hotels in the city of Deira. His model of business is building new properties then leasing or selling them. He further argues that he used funds from other investments to boost his real estate business.

Oxford Club: A recap of Investment U

Investment U was an educational arm of the Oxford Club, initiated in the year 1999. As the first pecuniary education website which was independent, Investment U offered resources for education comprising conferences, videos, and courses. Investment U solely aimed at helping members to be financially independent and literate. Investment U offered a free e-letter and a version premium with recommendations of daily actionable stock for investment. On behalf of Oxford Club, Investment U held conferences. On March 2018, 15th -18th the 20th anniversary of investment U will be held Las Vegas in a hotel which is our seasons.

General information about Oxford Club.

The Oxford Club is a global, private network of entrepreneurs and investors. Oxford Club used time-tested and unique investment principles and strategies to beat consistently the stock and outdo the classes for multiple asset. Recommendations from the organization covered options cover equities, funds, currencies, precious metals, and real estate. Oxford Club’s objective was to assist members create long-lasting, extraordinary wealth and live an enjoyable life that is beyond money. Oxford Club began in the year 1989 as passport club and later in 1991 assumed its name.

The Oxford Club researched numerous opportunities for investment and selected those with the lowest risk and highest potential. It shared the information with its members, which gave them an unmatched benefit over the typical investors. The club helped create investment portfolios for tax-smart for its members. Oxford Club had three e-letters which were daily, three newsletter and dozens of services trading. All sort of investors were catered for by the club’s facilities from beginners to the financial gurus. Members accessed trading services and publications as it pertained the level of their membership.

The club offered trading service which was distinct from 12 of them as it pertained to classes for investment.

Oxford Club Investment Strategists

The Oxford Club is a private network of knowledgeable and successful investors and businessmen whose mission is to help their members grow and maintain wealth through investments. Originally called the Passport Club when it was started back in 1989, the name was changed a couple of years later, in 1991, to the Oxford Club.

Having been in operation for over two decades, the club now has over 150,000 members worldwide in over 131 countries. The financial experts in the network offer advice on strategic investing in a comprehensive manner that will benefit those who are just starting out as investors, as well as those who are more experienced when it comes to this topic.

Members of the Club have access to opportunities that will put them face-to face with top financial experts who will answer their questions about investing and other matters regarding finance. This exchange is made through investment conferences and seminars.

The educational branch of the Oxford Club is called Investment U, which was founded in 1999, and was one of the first in its area of independent finance to be offered on the Internet. Investment U provides members with tools and strategies to push them forward to financial freedom. Free e-letters and newsletters are offered as monthly subscriptions, along with eleven different trading services.

The seasoned professionals in the Oxford Club only select the investments that have the best gaining potential and the lowest risk. They give financial recommendations that cover the topics of equities, funds, bonds, real estate and collectibles, and other things that can be used to generate great wealth. And their strategic advice can also lead their members to a financially secure early retirement.

Being a member of the Oxford Club has many advantages and privileges, as well as opportunities for networking and traveling. There are 3 levels of membership: PREMIER; DIRECTOR’S CIRCLE; and CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE. And having access to the free monthly newsletters that are offered through the club’s Investment U program at Level 1 is considered to be the first step toward achieving the kind of wealth that will sustain members for life.