Siteline Cabinetry Reveals Future Kitchen Cabinet Expectations

At the same time as stylish kitchen cabinets are essential to the overall look of the kitchen, personalized cabinets and neutral colored cabinets top the list of trends to watch.

Many homeowners are improving their cabinet styles and colors to fit their needs, according to Siteline Cabinetry. They are also choosing clean lines and under-stated designs for their kitchen cabinets.

Pat Corsi, who started the Corsi Group in 1973 in Indianapolis, built a new cabinet manufacturing operation in Virginia to create its Siteline cabinetry line, which began production in 2015.

According to trends to watch that Siteline disclosed, the company believes by making use of clean lines, cabinet door styles have turned out to be less complicated. And Shaker style cabinets, along with black and white cabinets, have long been a popular trend for kitchen cabinets and will continue to do so.

White kitchens will remain trendy even as gray and other neutral colors become more well-liked and accepted. Rather than replace kitchen cabinets, painting them is also a fine option.

Making the most of high-technology, Siteline Cabinetry acknowledged many homeowners are adding devices such as built-in charging stations and hands-free capabilities to their Siteline cabinets.

Another trend to watch is the rise of horizontal cabinetry. As cabinets get wider there will no longer be a necessity to stack cabinets, which will create easier access.

Siteline Cabinetry also called attention to how all aspects of the home should bring function and design together and neither should be abandoned for the other. The company gave the example of setting up pullout counters and inserting additional drawers above upper cabinets.

Corsi Group chief executive and chairman, Pat Corsi said Siteline is available in an entirely digital format and every cabinet starts out as a design concept.

Remodeling experts and project managers are available to handle the details of the process from the start to completion.

In addition to the Keysville, Virginia plant, Siteline’s parent company, the Corsi Group operates out of Elkins, West Virginia and Indianapolis, Indiana. The company is the maker of Corsi Luxury Cabinets, Greenfield Cabinetry and Sideline Cabinetry.

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