The American Institute of Architects Is Helping Change Architectural Design

Robert Ivy, CEO of the American Institute of Architects, carries a vision for the organization. Building, design, and construction should not be the only goals of architects. They should think beyond their field into what tomorrow will demand. The field of architecture can affect so many areas, including relief for disasters, health, sustainability, and so much more.

As such, the AIA commits itself to a decade for developing programs and solutions that will place focus on public health, and addressing natural disasters that affect urban areas. The organization will also offer grants to universities that can help its cause. The AIA will target an international city for the project, and the actual project is still in the planning stages. On the issues of public health, Robert Ivy provides some interesting ideas on how architecture can help. Visit at wikipedia to know more about Robert Ivy.

  1. The goal today is to regard public buildings as social engines, rather than mere objects. Younger architects are more socially engaged and attuned to building for diverse populations.
  2. Architecture can also have impact on non-communicable diseases, like diabetes and heart disease. Architects can design buildings in better ways to encourage exercise and community engagement. Architects can also design them so that occupants have greater access to sunlight and clean air.
  3. The materials that architects use can also make a major impact on health and well-being. Unhealthy material selections can affect millions of people in a negative way. The goal is to build with materials that will improve health rather than just maintain it.
  4. The AIA and Robert Ivy also desire to make architecture more accessible by designing apps that engage technology and design experimentation. The design community of tomorrow will welcome contests that inspire comparative discrimination. Competition is a part of life. Sponsored hackathons can fit right into this concept.

Robert Ivy is an effective leader, and is taking the AIA into its next phase. The organization currently provides resources and support for its members. There are approximately 90,000 members working together to transform the industry and their profession.

The AIA opens up membership to individuals with a professional degree in architecture. The organization helps new and current members to affect public policy and mold the architectural profession.

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Dedication to Success: Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert has had a long history of success. He is a Canadian businessman who worked way up the ladder to the pinnacle of financial success. He has been president of a few companies and now works as an exclusive advisor for Goldman Sachs. His road to success came well before he started there.

Louis Chenevert began his career working at General Motors in Canada. After fourteen years with that company, he moved on to work at Pratt and Whitney. He worked six years and at the end of that time was President of the company. Following this came his biggest challenge and therefore his biggest success working as President and CEO of United Technology Corporation (UTC). It is here that the name of Louis Chenevert had etched his name in the aerospace and industrial worlds. He is now at Goldman Sachs helping the company find the next big idea.

Louis Chenevert made a name for himself as the President and CEO of UTC. He focused his prowess and attention on the three things the company did well. The first two things are aerospace and industrial sectors. the final thing is the most important one the people of the company. He made sure to invest in the people s that the company can be self-sufficient. He allowed his workers to go to college to get degrees and be ready for the latest technological advances should they arise. Chenevert also invested in the company itself. By getting the latest technological advances in aerospace and industry UTC was able to be at the head of the class when it came to future big name contracts. These things helped turn UTC become an effective competitor on the world stage. This is all due in part to the teamwork of Louis Chenevert and his people. This is why success came so easily for Louis Chenevert.

Now he has moved on to the next phase of his life. His legacy at UTC has all but been assured. The recipe for success is not an easy one but Louis Chenevert knows what to do.

Robert Ivy: CEO of American Institute of Architects

Robert Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects, which is a professional organization based in Washington, DC. The organization allows their members to access educational, government, and public outreach services for the benefit of their members. The organization was founded in 1857 as a professional organization with an aim of elevating the profession in the eyes of the public. Originally, the organization was called the New York Society of Architects as the name was changed to that a few months after it originally formed.

The AIA includes several chapters across the United States. The Philadelphia chapter of the AIA was formed in 1869. The Philadelphia chapter provides its members with 100 opportunities for professional development, among other opportunities. When it was created, only 13 architects were part of the organization. The modern version of the AIA includes 90,000 architects from around the world. Approximately 260 chapters are also part of the AIA. Read more at to know more about AIA.

The AIA also has a Architects’ foundation which is aimed at attracting the next generation of architectural talent to the industry. It celebrates the talents and provides a scholarship to students interested in studying architecture.

The American Institute of Architects is also the owner of the so-called Octagon House in Washington, DC. This was once a temporary home for President James Madison when Washington was burned down. The foundation arm of the AIA is responsible for the preservation of the Octagon building. The aim of this is to preserve the Octagon building as a museum for those looking to keep the legacy alive.

As CEO, Robert Ivy brings a very diverse background to his position with the organization, having been CEO since 2011. This includes a Master’s degree in Architecture from Tulane University. He was formerly the editor-in-chief of an architecture magazine, the architectural record. This magazine has earned numerous awards, including the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence. This comes on top of 26 Jessie H. Neal awards, 7 Ozzie awards, Folio Design awards, and the 2008 MPA Digital Website of the Year Award. He was also named master architect for being an effective communicator of the value of design.Read the journal at to know about AIA

Robert Ivy also prepared a biography for the famous architect Fay Jones whom apprenticed under Frank Lloyd Wright. This was done so in admiration of the standards for detail and scholarship that were taken into account on the part of Fay Jones.

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Insights on the American Institute of Architects

This is an architectural body of professionals that oversee the designing and the redesigning of structural building. It was founded in 1857 by a small group of architects that consisted of only 13 members. The group worked on the constitution and bylaws that were to be used for the running of body to ensure discipline and its continuity. Visit to know more.

Currently, the body of professional architects is governed by a board of directors and is led by FAIA, Robert Ivy, as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) together with FAIA, Thomas V. Vonier, as the president of AIA. The two have worked tirelessly to make sure that the values of the body are upheld at all times.

Since its birth, the body has grown magnificently from a 13 member body to the current over 90 000 members. It has had major developments and has won in many architectural competitions. The body has produced among the finest architects such as Robert Ivy who has been named as master of architects in 2010 by Alpha Rho Chi.

Robert Ivy, an architect, member and CEO of the American Institute of Architects encourages his members to not only to focus on architecture but also focus in public health. He does this because he believes that architectural practices go hand in hand with public health and ignoring it could lead to unwanted adverse effects.

As a result of increase in membership to the institute, membership has been tiered to different categories. These categories are divided into five and include the licensed architects, non-licensed but practicing architects, practicing non-US architects, professionals who are not architectures but their fields are allied to architecture and those that have been in the institute as members for 15 years consecutively.

Members of the body are always encouraged to adhere to its standards while delivering services. This is because the body has a significant influence on the US government and the legislative bodies. Thus, a need to save the image and this mutual trust is important.

While making important public redesign decisions, the institute is always consulted by the government. The body considers this as their way of giving back to the society and is always available to serve when needed.

The American Institute of Architects has a way of rewarding its members. Those that have contributed significantly are given the rewards that they deserve. The top most ranked award being the Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (FAIA).

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Glen wakeman , The Entrepreneur And CEO

When entrepreneurs need help with their start-up business, they can refer to online help to get things up and going. One company that provides online business planning is LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. This company was established in 2915 by Glen Wakeman, who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer. LaunchPad Holdings, LLC is a software as a service company that helps start-up businesses increase the rate of their success. Glen is well known as a business revolutionary, a mentor and a man with an entrepreneurial spirit. Included in his business activities are divestitures, downsizing. acquisitions, mergers, start-ups, new market entry, integrations, and growth at exponential rates. Glen is a mentor and advisor to some C-level executives and is very passionate executive development, growth, and innovation.

Glen Wakeman is a graduate of The University of Chicago and holds an MBA in Finance and a BS in Economics. He has over two decades of experience in the business and financial leadership industry. He is an entrepreneur, a writer, global business executive, mentor, and investor. He has lived in six different countries and has worked in thirty-two countries during his twenty-year career with companies in which he held leadership positions (LinkedIn). He is a successful investor, and this allows him to inspire and advise others in such matters as fiscal economics and administrative strategy.

Before starting LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, Glen noticed that the failure rate of new start-up business was very high ( He had found that people were trying to build a business on an idea that they had instead of a plan. With his vast knowledge of technology industry, he devised a plan for a software service to help startups improve their building power, and increase their revenue. Glen likes to share his new ideas and engages himself to explain them to anyone around him. As a writer, Glen Wakeman writes blogs on a regular basis about worldwide affairs, leadership, and emerging markets. He also advises capital raising, strategy, and finances.

Roberto Santiago; a Successful Business Owner of the Mangabeira Shopping

Mangabeira Shopping was inaugurated in the year 2014 on November 31. As one of the most modern architecture, it is located in João Pessoa, the capital city of Paraiba. The Mangabeira Shopping is all the work of Roberto Santiago, a famous visionary businessman. With its initial potential of attracting more than three hundred and fifty thousand customers, at the time of its inauguration, the Mangabeira Shopping had nothing to lose. In fact, there was a high record in some of the Mangabeira Shopping stores turnovers than any other business in the country during the early days of its opening. This summed up the potential that the business belonging to Roberto Santiago harbored.


Mangabeira shopping construction took around two and a half years and consumed nearly half a billion reais. The construction was enormous that it created around three thousand job opportunities. The Mangabeira Shopping is not meant to interfere with the proper operation of Roberto Santiago other businesses according to him. Roberto Santiago other business includes the largest shopping center in the capital of Paraiba, the Manaira Shopping. Manaira is an older shopping that was opened in the year 1989 which has been expanded five times since its inauguration. Roberto Santiago in his speech said that he is expecting the shifting of the customers from this Manaira Shopping to the Mangabeira Shopping would reach around five percent. However, this will be insignificant as the Manaira Shopping has always been dynamic and maintained the growth in the movement of customers at ten to fifteen percent.


The idea about the construction of the massive modern Mangabeira Shopping arose between the years 2007 and 2009. The two businesses, Mangabeira Shopping and Manaira Shopping, are entirely two different businesses in general in the social aspect of the urban. At the construction of the Manaira Shopping, there only existed houses but the shopping mall took the surrounding to become an array of shopping and commercial houses. According to what Roberto Santiago puts forward is that the city runs towards the Manaira.


With the inauguration of the new Mangabeira Shopping, valuation comes into the city as the perspectives of 2014 showed. However, the area has a dense quit population, and it is expected that the social economy of the people in the area will evolve to higher levels. This situation has already been experienced in the area according to Roberto Santiago. The emerging vast and medium commercial units in the area lead to the rapid growth the banking district.


Roberto Santiago was born in João Pessoa in Santiago in the year 1958. He studied at a local traditional college in the capital before proceeding with his degree in business administration at the University Center of João Pessoa. After his education, he started off his career at the café Santa Rosa. Later on, he began his own company and further on joined the allotment area where he gathered experience.


Take Control Of Your Color With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere, marketing specialist, technology expert, and cosmetic designer was nominated for female entrepreneur of the year because of her creative cosmetic line. Her cosmetics encourages her users to be bold about the makeup options they choose. There are thousands of reasons to take part in the Lime Crime color revolution today. Deere, provides a popular line of eye-shadow and lipstick products. Each product is completely hypoallergenic and blends well with your original look while adding a great line of color. Join the thousands of other women around the world who have made the switch to LC cosmetics. Learn more:

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