Thor Halvorssen Relentless Fight for Political Prisoners and Democracy

Thor Halvorssen is a man of many titles. At times, he’s a human rights advocate, and on other occasions, he transforms into a film producer. His work with the oppressed and the down-trodden began many years back in apartheid South Africa.

All through his teen years, Thor was a staunch critic of the Dutch-Boer administration in charge of South Africa. He led protests while residing in London in the mid-to-late nineties.

Father Imprisoned

The man who was aptly described as, ‘a champion of the underdog and the powerless,’ by the New York Times is from a multi-racial background. His dad is from Venezuela, and the mom is from Norway. His incarceration served as a crucial inflection point in turning him into a full-time campaigner for human rights. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Linked In

Mom Gets Shot

In 2004 tragedy struck. Thor’s mom got shot while taking part in a political protest in the city. That coincided with Thor founding his New York-based Human Rights Foundation. Ideally, HRF is concerned with raising awareness for political prisoners, promoting better governance and promoting tolerance in South America.

HRF has achieved numerous milestones over the years. They have submitted their evidence to the Truth Commission. Their testimonies led to the successful acquittal of seven political prisoners. Also, the organization has also written and published two best-selling books on individual rights and the responsibilities of the state. That is according to the information about them shared on the Huffington post. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Introducing, The On Own Feet Movement

Thor Halvorssen is also credited with founding yet another phenomenally successful company, the Oslo Freedom Forum. The UK-based financial paper described this forum as being the equivalent of the Davos economic forum in the human rights world.

About Thor Halvorssen

The pro-democracy advocate was born on March 9th, 1976. The film producer-cum-activist graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. Thor Halvorssen regularly contributes and shares his opinions on the New York Times, the Washington Post, National Public Radio, and Time Magazine. His presentations have been featured on giant media houses like Al-Jazeera, BBC News, Fox. He once gave a Ted talk at TEDx.