Alex Pall Provides Insight into the Decision to move Andrew Taggart to Vocals

The Chainsmokers have went through quite the evolution in the past couple of years. A group member left; a group member joined. Now, once a DJ and producer duo, the Chainsmokers are now, by definition, a true band. After the release of “Closer,” Andrew Taggart took on a new role in the group – lead singer.

Andrew Taggart and his partner Alex Pall released their first big song in 2014. The song was called “Selfie” and was published and promoted by Dim Mak Records. The Chainsmokers are known for their incredible collaborations, working with other DJs and singers in the music industry.

Despite their long list of hits, “Closer” may be the song that goes down in the history books of The Chainsmokers. Even though the song has a guest vocalist – Halsey, with Andrew Taggart beginning a career as a singer it can only mean positive things for the band.

The Chainsmokers owe their success to their similar thinking. During an interview Alex Pall said that he and Taggart both knew what each other brought to the table right away. They first discussed what they liked musically and talked about their interests as children. This lead to a great understanding of each other and next they talked about the modern music scene.

In the same interview, Alex Pall explained the reasoning behind the decision to put Taggart behind a microphone.

“Well, why?” Pall asked himself. There were many reasons behind the decision, but primarily, the band was tired of having guest vocals blasting through a loud speaker at their concerts. With Andrew Taggart as lead singer, he can perform his own original vocals and the vocals of guest singers who can’t be in attendance at a live show.

Going forward, nothing but beneficial change are in store for The Chainsmokers. Moving Taggart to vocalist is only the first step in creating better music and providing a better live experience.