Eva Moskowitz Brings Success Academy to New York

There is a great debate about Eva Moskowitz and her Success Academy Schools. She is one of the most innovative forces in education, and people are praising her for the work that she has done. Eva Moskowitz is a former city council member for Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and this makes her quite knowledgeable on the concept of education in the NYC school system. A ton of people are going to appreciate the changes that she has made in the school system with the charter schools.

Eva Moskowtiz is a person that has been able to provide a lot of people with a better education system. She has a Ph.D in history, and she has been an advocate for education in the United States. It has been a long time advocate for improving the education system. She is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University. This is where she received a high education, but her passion for starting the Success Academy Charter Schools stem from her time at Stuyvesant High School.

The reality for Eva Moskowitz is this: she never believed that she received a quality education. This means that the end result was that she as not exactly pleased with the public education system in New York. As an adult Eva Moskowitz began to look at the education system as a whole. She became keenly aware of just how much of a problem the education system was throughout the United States. She wanted to create an academy school setting, and she wanted to get started in New York.

Harlem would be the first area that she set up shop for a better alternate education system. This would prove to be one of the successful alternative public school methods for parents that could not afford private schools.