Brad Reifler: Amazing facts you never knew

Brad Reifler is one of the most successful investor and entrepreneur of our time. Brad’s journey to success is an inspiration to all hard working individuals in our economy. Here is some of the amazing facts you have never known about this amazing entrepreneur.

According to Crunchbase, though most people associate Brad Reifler career with the early 1980s, the truth of the matter is that it dates way back. Before founding Forefront Capital, LLC Brad spent most of his early days working his way to the top. Professionally, Brad established himself in the early 1980s through his company Reifler Trading Company. Brad’s company, RTC, would then come and manage millions of dollars in discretionary accounts.

Bloomberg in a report, said that with much success, Brad Reifler would then evolve his business to accommodate institutional research, global derivative advisory, information distribution and execution services.

This saw RTC break ranks and become one of the largest independent futures operation. However, the success was not anything that would deter Brad from his goals. In 2000, after numerous years of hard work, Brad sold his company to Refco, the leading futures company in the world.

Before this trade, Brad Reifler was transitioning himself to become an indisputable force in the global financial markets. The year 1995 saw Brand found Pali Capital a sell side broker that deals with equity markets. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

He seized the expansion in the hedge fund by using a differentiated strategy. Instead of advising the funds on what to sell or buy, Brad took their ideas, combined them with an in depth research on credit analysis and derivative structure.

He then taught his sales traders means of articulating and executing the so-called packed strategy. This saw and immense increase in commission income by the company and creation of employment.

Brad Reifler is one of the greatest forces to reckon with when it comes to matters finance, entrepreneurship and investments. In addition to his wide knowledge and determination, his story will continue being an inspiration to many more individuals in the financial industry.