Ara Chackerian Tackles Depression

Ara Chackerian is a businessman, who specializes in the area of healthcare and who is based in San Francisco, California, with extensive experience in connecting technology with healthcare services. Ara Chackerian sits on many boards in San Francisco and is also very philanthropic, with particular interest in causes relating to environmental and youth development issues. In terms of causes of the environmental variety, Chackerian has built an environmentally friendly teak farm that is self-sustainable called Limonapa Teak. The operation of Limonapa Teak is environmentally friendly in that it enhances the local environment rather than ruin it as the practices adopted are environmentally friendly in nature.

Based on arachackerian, with respect to Ara Chackerian’s business venture, he is currently focused on his eight outpatient healthcare facilities known as TMS Health Solutions, which are facilities consisting of consult and TMS treatment rooms. TMS is an acronym for transcranial magnetic stimulation, which is a type of treatment for depression involving a device. TMS gained the FDA’s approval in 2008. After looking into TMS and its potential as a treatment for depression, Chackerian found that it was particularly effectual in treating patients with major depressive disorder. However, due to issues with regard to insurance coverage, fielding qualified technicians, and the difficulty of clinicians to run a group practice, there is little to no awareness of TMS nor access to it. With the preceding in mind, Ara Chackerian built his eight TMS Health Solutions facilities in the San Francisco and Sacramento area. These outpatient facilities place great store on providing psychiatric patients with an environment conducive to serenity and relaxation. For more details you can visit


Depression could be a fatal mental condition that leads to suicide. Over 100 people commit suicide each day resulting in the death of over 45,000 Americans per year, yet it is a taboo subject that people are uncomfortable talking about. The deaths of two celebrities, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, has shone a light on the issue of suicide and people are starting to discuss it and share stories about their struggles with depression or losing family members to suicide. Opening the line of communication is the key to ending the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide. For more info you can checkout


Mark Holterman Seeks to Curing type 2 Diabetes and Arthritis

Dr. Mark Holterman, teacher of surgery and pediatrics at University of Illinois College of Medicine, is committed to finding a cure for type 2 diabetes. Last month, the American Diabetes Association joined forces with the Children’s Hospital of Los Angles to discuss the problem of rising diabetes type 2 in children and teenagers. Between the children’s hospital and the diabetes association, Camp Power Up was established to encourage youth to become more physically active and to also make better food choices (MarkHolterman.Strikingly). The camp is for children 8 through 16 and will be both an after-school program and a day camp.


Mark Holterman is dedicated to the treatment of SJIA, which is systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis. SJIA, not only attacks the joints, it also attacks organs such as the liver, heart, and the lungs. Dr. Mark Holterman is behind the establishment of Hannah Sunshine Foundation. SJIA was brought to light by several people including 23-year-old Sarah Hughes, who has been a long time sufferer.

Highly educated, Dr. Mark Holterman earned his bachelors degree in 1980 in biology at Yale University. He did his postgraduate study receiving his MD and Ph.D. in Medicine and Immunology at the University of Virginia in 1988. While at Yale, Holterman won the National Merit Scholar Award and was honored by the NIH Medical Science Training Program.


As a doctor, Dr. Mark Holterman has won many awards including the Innovative Research Award in 2001 through 2003. In 2008, 2010, and 2015 Holterman was chosen one of America’s Top Doctors at Castle Connolly. Dr. Holterman is certified by the American Board of Surgery to perform general and pediatric surgery (


Dr. Holterman is a member of different organizations that include American College of Surgeons and Pediatrics where he is a fellow. Dr. Holterman is a member in good standing with many other organizations including American Pediatric Surgery Association and the American Diabetes Association. He has almost 30 years of experience in the medical profession; Holterman is associated with the Carle Foundation and OSF Saint Francis Medical Center. he practices his profession in Peoria, IL