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Southridge Capital is a private equity company that was established in the year 1996. In the year 2015, the company made public that they had come to an equity purchase agreement with Elite Data Services Inc a company that has its headquarter in Dallas, Texas. Elite Data Services use proprietary technologies for marketing and focuses on businesses in the hospitality, automotive and gaming industries and using their technologies to offer clients advertising and marketing strategies that generate profits.



With the ability to create new content and its large technology portfolio the company is poised to become a powerhouse in advertising in marketing and advertising. Steven Hicks pointed out that Southridge Capital is committed to investing in companies that are providing innovative solutions to clients in their industries.



Stephen Hicks is the CEO and the founding Principal fo Southridge Capital. And has been involved in the investment industry for the last three decades. He started the company while still working for a hedge fund whose owner was moving to Australia. He told Ideamensch that he starts his day by first noting the tasks for the day and he attributes his daily productivity to it. Southridge capital has been in the investment industry for more than 20 years and this means that their experience is one of the ways they get clients. For more details visit




Every entrepreneur has made mistakes and according to Southridge Capital founder and CEO Stephen Hicks, his most painful loss was investing large amounts of money in a company called Petals that ended up folding. Cryptocurrency excites Stephen Hicks and advice starting a channel on Cryptocurrency channel or podcast. Since this is an exciting area the channel will constantly have visitors. He reads Wall Street Journal Online to stay productive and recommends reading Titan a book on Rockefeller.


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About Southridge Capital



Southridge Capital was established in 1996 by Stephen Hicks who is its current CEO. the company specializes in direct investment and offers advisory services to small and middle-income companies. The company, since it was established has invested over $1.5 billion in various companies worldwide. Southridge employs 11-50 people with its headquarters in Ridgefields Connecticut.


Wes Edens, An Elevated Example

Wes Edens is a financial expert in the field of finance and continues his journey with prosperity and success. He currently ranks as number 962 on the Forbes billionaire list. Wesley Edens was one of the principal investors who contributed to Fortress Investment Group and its status of development. His talent for co-creating entire businesses by putting large sums of money in the basket is what mostly made him one of the leading co-founders of Fortress Investment Group today. Even from day one of the initial public offering Fortress Investment Group scaled up very quickly. Wesley Edens is the Co-Chairman for the board of directors at the financial empire he helped to create, and even when the price of the company dropped down by one dollar he managed to get the ball rolling with saving the company in terms of price fluctuation.

Wesley Edens was also responsible to the infrastructure and transportation sector of the investment service industry when he became the chairman of such developments. The people under him who worked as employees at Fortress Investment Group mainly stated that there was always something eventful and interactive at the company. They also often times experienced the gift of being included in what ever endeavor the company was facing at the moment according to their strengths and skillsets. Before Fortress Investment Group Wesley Edens attended Oregon State University to study the disciplines of finance and business which is where he began his journey in the world of financial discovery. As of now he is the owner of the basketball team called the Milwaukee Bucks. He is also an owner of Flyquest which is a team belonging to the League of Legends.

According to Biz Journals Wes Edens takes home an annual sum of about fifty four million in cash every year mainly because he was one of the stockholders at Fortress Financial Group early on and that is what his dividend pay out is now. He made a considerable and an inspiring contribution to the involvement and practices of helping companies and private investors reach their financial goals and visions, and because of that he is reaping what he sows in the form of a blessing from financial heaven. It was because of his generosity that he recieves the equally generous returns from his life’s work. As of now he lives in the throes of financial freedom due to his plethora of good deeds and hard work ethic.

AvaTrade Review: Online Forex and CFDs Broker

AvaTrade is a broker company dealing with online forex and CFDs. The company was originally known as AvaFX. AvaTrade was established in 2006. The platform, AvaTrade works as a principal financial resource offering retail trade facts for online business people. The company centers its focus on customer relationships from the start hence allowing customers to have more knowledge about the online trade. AvaTrade allows clients to trade contentedly. Additionally, the company gives more information about when to do trading as well different currencies and time zones. AvaTrade review is free to anyone as there are plenty of benefits any customer to enjoy. AvaTrade is very helpful to both the experienced and less experienced online traders. The tool provides guidelines to a booming online trade. The company also offers guiding principles on when to transact and when to wait thus being a powerful platform for experienced trades and learners.

The AvaTrade Company’s main offices are based in Dublin, Ireland. The company has branches in some other countries as well as in major cities. For instance, the company has a branch in Nigeria, Tokyo, South Africa, Ulaanbaatar, Sydney, and Paris. The trading services that the company offers include binds, bitcoins, equities, market indices, commodities, and exchange traded funds. Since the company’s inception, it has had an incredible growth. AvaTrade deals with more than 200, 000 accounts across the world. In addition to this, the broker company conducts up to 2 million transactions every month. In most incidents, the company hits more than its total value level of 60 billion dollars. The company’s strategy is centered on customers. Moreover, the company has financial backing foundation hence being able to provide products and service that meet the demands of clients.

The company’s activities are controlled by the Ireland central bank thus ensuring the broker company’s integrity and reliability. The company customers receive custom-made resolutions concerning online trading. For example, the powerful platform allows customers to use when trading whether one has prior information about trading or not. The company is enthusiastic about providing best knowledge materials and having the traders going through some training. Thus, these training and materials allow customers to have more confidence while trading.

The Life and Career of George Soros

Impacting on the lives of other people is very fulfilling. If a list of the world’s most philanthropist individuals in the world would be written, George Soros would most definitely be in it. He has generously given more than $12 billion to date. He has significantly supported individuals and organizations that have fought for the freedom of expression all over the world. Organizations that seek to have both society and government that is transparent and accountable have also received aid from George Soros. While giving, George Soros pays an extra focus on people who are discriminated against for being who they are. He, for instance, has extended his support to the various groups that represent the Roma population. Soros has also provided solace to persons pushed to the edge of the ordinary society such as sex workers and drug users. George Soros is motivated to extend help to this individuals since he has undergone similar biases.

George Soros was born in a country called Hungary back in the year 1930. He was privileged to survive the Nazi occupation which was between the year 1944 and 1945, where over 500,000 Hungarian Jews were murder. His family survived because they were able to get identity documents that did not reveal their actual background. George Soros says that they were faced with an evil force and were lucky to not only survive but to help other people survive. In the year 1947, George left his hometown and went on to London. In London, he enrolled in London School of Economics. To support his studies, Mr., Soros was working as a night club waiter and a part time railway carrier. Nine years down the line, he moved to the United States of America to pursue his financial and investment career.

Soros Fund Management was the first of his hedge fund. He launched it in the year 1970. It marked the beginning of his success since George Soros would later become part of the historical investors in the United States. The Open Society Foundation which is comprised of a network of partners, foundation and projects in over 100 counties was the result of Soros’ investment. In the year 1979, George embarked on his works of benevolence. He gave black South Africans scholarships. He also steered the open exchange of ideas in the Eastern Communist Bloc. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Soros created the Central European University. George Soros who is now in his 80s still takes part in the works of the Open Society Foundation. He does this by traveling to encourage the formation of positive changes in the world. According to the Open Society Foundation, Soros once wrote that financial market has granted him more independence than it has given other people.

Vincent Parascandola AXA Advisor in Business

There are many small business owners who need help planning for the future. Working with a professional is a great way to accomplish your business goals. There are many investments firms that are willing to give advice to business owners to help them get to a new level.

Vincent Parascandola is one of the leading experts in this industry. When he was young, he started a variety of companies. With this experience, he is able to help others who are in the same situation. Working with AXA Advisors is a great way for Vincent Parascandola to impact other people around him. Visit Wallet Hub for more info.

Starting a Business

Vincent Parascandola has years of experience running his own business. With this experience, he is able to help other people with their plans. There are some people who are worried about losing money in their business and going broke.

If you want to succeed with a business idea, you have to be willing to take a chance. There are some people who wrongly assume that all business ideas are risky. Vincent Parascandola wants to help business owners across this risk spectrum. There are some business ideas that require little capital or risk.

AXA Advisors

According to Brightscope, Vincent Parascandola has worked for AXA Advisors for many years. During his time with the company, he has helped hundreds of people with their business ideas.

Anyone who needs professional help with their business plans should work with Vincent Parascandola. He has a lot of knowledge and experience that can help take your business idea to a new level.

George Soros sees major wins in DA races across South

The 2016 presidential race was a brutal one. With the campaigns on both sides leveling personal attacks and the U.S. electorate more polarized than at any time in living memory, the campaign engendered a great deal of animosity, distrust and outright hate.

It was also one of the most heavily financed campaigns in U.S. history. Much of this money was spent on the Clinton side, with wealthy donors lining up to pay their tribute to their favorite candidate. One of these donors was George Soros, who donated more than $25 million to the doomed Clinton campaign. Needless to say, this investment did not show a great return.

But Soros is not one in the habit of losing. He quickly regrouped, deploying capital to a number of pivotal races throughout the Southern United States. One of these was the race for the district attorney post in Orlando, Florida. This race saw veteran incumbent Jeff Ashton face off against newcomer Aramis Ayala. Ayala was running as the first African American female prosecutor in the history of the state of Florida. She had her work cut out for her. As a newcomer with virtually no money to spend on her campaign, she stood little chance against the long entrenched incumbent, Ashton, who was well-connected and had access to campaign fund for his relationships with local businessmen and politicians. Things were not looking up for Ayala.

But then Soros stepped in, through The Open Society Foundations, and infused the Ayala campaign with over $1,000,000. He also provided expertise and high-level strategic consultancy, guiding Ayala’s campaign with professional level strategists. This gave Ayala a sudden advantage. With the ability to run almost nonstop television campaign ads, Ayala got the decisive leg up. In the end, she defeated Ashton in a landslide, becoming the first African American prosecutor in the state of Florida’s history, as well as giving hope to Orlando minorities, who had suffered extreme disparities in sentencing and charging under the Ashton regime. Read more on

Another example of Soros’ largess leading to an upset victory in a prosecutorial race occurred when he backed a candidate in Mississippi named Scott Colom. Like Ayala, Colom was also a progressive prosecutorial candidate, vowing to change the rate at which minorities are prosecuted and convicted of crimes within his jurisdiction. Like in the case of Aramis, the incumbent, who he ultimately upset, was known for sending minorities to prison at drastically disparate rates from their white counterparts.

George Soros has also been active in various sheriffs’ races across the nation. Perhaps most famous of these is Soros’ backing of candidate Mike Penzone and his race against incumbent sheriff Joe Arpaio. This was yet another major victory for the Soros political machine.

Mr. Buffet Opinion On Investment Perspectives

According to the recap of CNBC, Mr. Buffet is a veteran investor that has some wisdom regarding investment perspectives. He understands that many consumers and industries should be wary of the product’s brand. This brings about the debate on active versus passive. The debate does not serve the interest of many investors. Therefore, when seeking for business funds, it is not all about passive or active debate. The issue is based on delivering excellent long-term investment return. Low costs are the key components of the return.

Perhaps, it is the high time to challenge the belief that the returns from the passive index are the safest paths to a better retirement. Index funds will always have their place, but they do not provide any cushion to the falling of markets. Even most of the investors are not aware that index funds can expose them to losses during market depressions.

Also, Mr. Buffet appreciates that there are some investors who are exceptional. He believes that an investor who would have been smart enough to invest $10000 in S&P 500 index funds 40 years ago, by now would have more than one million dollars. However, based on research regarding mutual funds, there are two simple filters, which are high manager ownership and low expenses.

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Mr. Timothy Armour is currently the Chairman and CEO of the Capital Group, which is a capital research and management company. Apart from being the CEO of Capital Group, Timothy is also working as an equity portfolio manager. Tim has more than 34 years of experience in capital investment. Mr. Timothy started his career at Capital Group as one of the participants in the Associates Program. Regarding educational background, Timothy received his Bachelor Degree in Economics from Middlebury College.

As the CEO of Capital Group, Timothy comprehends that the strength of the firm does not lie on individual power but from the collective talents of its associates who believe in the mission of the company. Timothy believes that the management team is looking forward to delivering an 84-year legacy.

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