Boraie Development: The Aspire is Giving People only the Best

Residents of New Brunswick have all the reasons to smile. This area has been undergoing so much transformation in the recent years. The company that is believed to have played a leading role in the activities taking place in the city is Boraie Development. Founded by Sam Boraie several years ago, the primary focus of this real estate firm is to put a smile in the faces of the people living in New Jersey. For some time now, the prices of the properties based in this city were going down because of the hardships in the market. Most of the buildings were looking too old, and the customers were mostly young personalities who wanted to be associated with classy and beautiful complexes. Boraie Development tried to save situation, and it did so well with the help of one of the basketball stars in the United States, Shaquille O’Neal. The star considers New Brunswick to be his hometown, and he has remained in touch with some of his relatives based in the city.

O’Neal and Boraie Development came together for a noble cause, and everyone is talking about it. The project that was established, going by the name, The Aspire, has just been completed, and it is what many residents have been wishing for. The complex will house many families who are in need of luxury apartments. The Aspire came just at the right time; There are many people who have come into this area when in search of working opportunities, and they lacked modern housing. With the best features anyone would ask for, The Aspire has proven to be one of a kind. Boraie Development recently announced that the units are ready for occupation, and people should visit the company offices so that they can sign the tenant contracts. The apartment units are ideal for all people.

Fortress Investments Group’s Brightline partnership with Virgin Group

Brightline is the first private railroad in the USA that is owned by Fortress Investment Group. It has carried out the transportation services for over a century now. Brightline most recent initiative is the development of a partnership with Virgin Group, which is currently the leader in travel and hospitality in the US.

It is a move that Fortress Investment Group hopes will be beneficial to Brightline in various ways. Firstly, it is expecting the company to adopt from Virgin the expertise that has helped it to become the industry leader and methods of enhancing the customers’ experience to recreate a brand that is popular and competitive in the industry. Read more about Fortress Investment Group Reviews at

The partnership has come at a time when Brightline has expanded its commuter train services to Fort Lauderdale, Miami, as well as Palm Beach. It is also developing plans for other areas including Tampa and Orlando. The Fortress Investments Group announced that the initiative is part of the company’s effort to revive the private sector rail services in the USA.

Since Brightline shares the Virgin Group’s objective of creating unique customer experience and they both have a culture of innovation, Fortress Investments Group saw it as a strategy that positions Brightline for success. Virgin Group is made of at least 60 companies that are diversified in various sectors such as travel, leisure, wellness, Music, health to mention but a few.

Under the management of Fortress Investment Group, Virgin shall own minor interests while Brightline shall remain to be the largest shareholder. The other expected change is the renaming of the railroad system into Virgin Trains USA. Virgin agreed for Brightline to retain its leadership even after the partnership.

Fortress Investment Group is looking forward for the partnership to amplify the growth efforts of Brightline. The partnership is a means to improve access to potential customers that could boost the ridership by millions. Virgin has adequate experience in this kind of investment from their UK based Virgin Trains that have been running for the past two decades. Statistics indicate that in 2017 alone, commuters took approximately 38 million trips using the Virgin Trains

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