The Civil, Human, and Migrant Rights Advocacy Organizations

Various groups and organizations have been formed worldwide with the aim of advocating for the civil, human and migrant rights. Michael and Jim recently launched the Larkin and Lacey Frontera fund, to finance the migrant organizations. The fund supports the groups in Arizona and those in the Mexican border (“la línea fronteriza”). The money is from the arrest of the two by the County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested on 18th October 2017, at night, which was a weird move from personal rights’ view. They were afterward jailed for revealing the existence of the court proceedings on the matter which was about Sheriff Joe. The court as well sought to know the persons that read on the lawman from the New Time stories.

The two, however, defended their First Amendment rights afterward, and they sued the county. They were later compensated $3.75 million.

Another organization aimed at promoting the human rights is the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project. The ACLU project has been on the run for over 25 years. The organization’s main target is the migrants. The ACLU protects the autonomy of the immigrants through the public outreach, advocacy, as well as impacting the lawsuit.

The organization has been able to achieve their objectives by challenging those kinds of laws that deny the immigrants equal rights in court and country origin discrimination.

The ACLU project has been operating for almost 100 years, having about two million members, operating throughout America. The ACLU members are composed of the activists and the supporters.

The project is greatly appreciated for having been able to achieve the establishment of privacy protection and the government scrutiny. The ACLU project, advocating over the arising cases, is well known for the toughest civil freedom cases, thereby protecting individuals from the oppression by the government.

The National Urban League, on the other hand, is a civil rights organization. The organization is aimed at the economic empowerment of the underserved communities in the America urban areas. The organization has its headquarters in the New York City.

Having about 88 members, the organization serves three hundred communities in 36 states and Columbia Districts. The National Urban League, therefore, improves about 2 million lives of people throughout America. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Phoenix New Time

The National Urban League organization’s missions are the provision of education, health housing, and job creation. On education, the organization looks at the achievement of college attendance and the good life by every American child. On health improvement, the organization aims at provision of affordable and quality health care access. Concerning housing, the organization works with it to ensure that all the American citizens are in a position to access decent, safe, energy efficient and affordable housing.

The impact fund is also an organization aiming at the provision of grants, education, and advocacy to provide the lawsuit on behalf of the marginalized groups. The Impact Fund mainly raises their capital through donations. By 30th June 2017, the organization’s funding goal was $35,000, mainly dependent on the donations.