Rick Scott Denies Being A Member Of End Citizens United

End Citizens United was established on 1st March 2015 and was funded by ordinary donors. The organization was started out of frustrations from the decision of Supreme Court’s 2010 on Citizen United Creation.

As a Political Action committee, End Citizens United is dedicated to refuting the calamitous effect of Citizen United and reform the campaign system. The group has striven to show the voters, candidates, the press and the elected leaders that the grassroots are aggressively fighting back against the growing shamelessness of billionaires who try to buy the elections. Their mission is to remove big money from the political system by giving support to candidates for the office who approve with this agenda and election measures that address this topic. End Citizens work with these aspirants to downturn the United States such that the donations will not be disclosed or unlimited.

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The political Action committee for the End Citizens recently filed a complaint to the Federal Election Commission alleging that Rick Scot is unlawfully using super PAC to finance his senate campaign. The committee suggests that the aspirant is doing this action to get around the federal restrictions placed on straight contributions to candidate’s campaigns. Rick Scot had set aside $78 million for his campaign treasury. PAC’s has a rule it uses of raising as much money as it can and then spending it as it needs to but only work directly in the campaign process. Thus, it accused Rick Scott of not following the anti-coordination law with the PAC. Scott was the group chairmen before announcing that he was running for a seat in Senate, PAC had pledged to support him get the seat.

Rick Scott vigorously denied the allegations, but End Citizen United counteracted the denial by presenting a document that supported the charge and that Rick was having worked with PAC a few months ago. To prove the point, End Citizens showed the website that indicated that Scott was the chairman of the organization in January. Rick proved that he is not a candidate who trusts in campaigns finance reform; thus it is vital for End Citizens United have victory over him this year at the election box. Even though Scott has denied any allegation, End Citizens persists to gather proof to the contrary. For instance, PAC learned that Rick and the New Republican were working with Jenny Rucker who is a fundraiser. ECU also discovered that Rick’s campaign was recorded at the same address with that of New Republican in February when the charge was filed.

Learn more about End Citizens United: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2017/12/05/democratic-pac-end-citizens-united-names-big-money-20-targets-2018/918680001/

George Soros sees major wins in DA races across South

The 2016 presidential race was a brutal one. With the campaigns on both sides leveling personal attacks and the U.S. electorate more polarized than at any time in living memory, the campaign engendered a great deal of animosity, distrust and outright hate.

It was also one of the most heavily financed campaigns in U.S. history. Much of this money was spent on the Clinton side, with wealthy donors lining up to pay their tribute to their favorite candidate. One of these donors was George Soros, who donated more than $25 million to the doomed Clinton campaign. Needless to say, this investment did not show a great return.

But Soros is not one in the habit of losing. He quickly regrouped, deploying capital to a number of pivotal races throughout the Southern United States. One of these was the race for the district attorney post in Orlando, Florida. This race saw veteran incumbent Jeff Ashton face off against newcomer Aramis Ayala. Ayala was running as the first African American female prosecutor in the history of the state of Florida. She had her work cut out for her. As a newcomer with virtually no money to spend on her campaign, she stood little chance against the long entrenched incumbent, Ashton, who was well-connected and had access to campaign fund for his relationships with local businessmen and politicians. Things were not looking up for Ayala.

But then Soros stepped in, through The Open Society Foundations, and infused the Ayala campaign with over $1,000,000. He also provided expertise and high-level strategic consultancy, guiding Ayala’s campaign with professional level strategists. This gave Ayala a sudden advantage. With the ability to run almost nonstop television campaign ads, Ayala got the decisive leg up. In the end, she defeated Ashton in a landslide, becoming the first African American prosecutor in the state of Florida’s history, as well as giving hope to Orlando minorities, who had suffered extreme disparities in sentencing and charging under the Ashton regime. Read more on nytimes.com

Another example of Soros’ largess leading to an upset victory in a prosecutorial race occurred when he backed a candidate in Mississippi named Scott Colom. Like Ayala, Colom was also a progressive prosecutorial candidate, vowing to change the rate at which minorities are prosecuted and convicted of crimes within his jurisdiction. Like in the case of Aramis, the incumbent, who he ultimately upset, was known for sending minorities to prison at drastically disparate rates from their white counterparts.

George Soros has also been active in various sheriffs’ races across the nation. Perhaps most famous of these is Soros’ backing of candidate Mike Penzone and his race against incumbent sheriff Joe Arpaio. This was yet another major victory for the Soros political machine.