Stream Energy and the Importance of Saving Power

Oh, energy bills. Everyone’s been there when the bill arrives, and the value cannot possibly be correct, as it is too high compared to your usage in that month.

This phenomenon is something that is popularly called “Phantom Drain,” and, as the name suggests, sometimes you cannot see the ghost until you hire professional help.

There are thousands of American citizens living with phantom drain haunting every energy bill that arrives, but they don’t know it is there. The truth is that a leak in power usage can be very minimal or can represent drastic changes in your bill, and sometimes it is so subtle that Americans can’t notice that they are victims of this phenomenon. Read more about Stream Energy at Crunchbase.

So, how exactly does phantom drain work? This is already popular belief, but most citizens do not pay the proper attention to it: When an electrical gadget or utensil is plugged in, even if it is not being used, it is still consuming energy, just like the lamp is consuming your energy if turned on whether or not you are using that room.

If you have a Tv set on but you are not using it, you can see that there might be a red light stating that it is turned off, or maybe a Blue Ray set that says what time is it while it is off. Both are consuming energy regardless of their usage.

Stream Energy has raised awareness to many Americans about the usage of their gadgets and the importance of turning them off while not using them. View the Company reviews at

Stream Energy is a provider of energy and home services themselves, and the company was founded in 2004 as a solution for retaining electricity and natural gas.

Situated in Dallas, Stream Energy has quickly become a personal favorite of many Americans due to their customer-support and their attention to details. They provide energy to almost 100% of the territory of the United States, and are constantly improving their reach by adding their support to more areas in the U.S. and more neighborhoods.

This focus on spreading their services is because there are different types of clients that prefer the Stream Energy over other companies, be it because of the price they pay or because of some other disagreement with another provider.