Talkspace is an online therapy program for individuals with mental problems, couples and social media therapy for individuals whose mental issues are related to social media use. Oren Frank and Roni Frank founded Talkspace in 2012 after attending a couples’ therapy that saved their marriage. The platform has experienced licensed therapists who are screened before enlisting them on the platform. Unlike traditional therapy where a client has to wait till the next appointment, Talkspace platform enables their clients to contact therapists using messages at all times. The platform also offers voice calls and live chats that are encrypted to ensure safety and confidentiality.

Talkspace has partnered with Michael Phelps to raise awareness on mental health and encourage individuals with mental issues to seek treatment. Michael Phelps is a renowned Olympic swimmer who has won many medals. His success did not prevent him from suffering from depression and anxiety hence anyone can suffer from mental problems irrespective of their occupation or social class. This campaign will air on a national TV in the US to encourage people to seek treatment.

Michael Phelps will share his experience of struggling with mental illness and how he overcame it. Michael found it difficult to seek help, but when he started talking about it, he felt more strong than vulnerable. He felt very relieved when he learned that he could speak to a therapist through a text message, voice or live chat. This model offered by Talkspace reduces stigma on affected individuals and encourages them to seek therapy. Talkspace expects that more people with mental issues will come out to find therapy. Michael will sit on the board of advisors at Talkspace.

Talkspace has also partnered with New Directions Behavioral Health where New Directions clients will access licensed therapists on the Talkspace platform through the Employee Assistance Program provided by New Directions. Employees have personal and work challenges hence frequently need the services of a therapist to maintain healthy behavior. The partnership will give these employees these services from the comfort of their mobile phones. These employees will not leave their work in the search for mental health services, therefore, becoming more productive. These strategic partnerships enable Talkspace to reach more individuals with mental health issues.