The Importance of Securus Technologies in Revolutionizing Communication in Rehabilitation Centers

Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas based company that services law enforcement, correction agencies and public safety institutions with technology solutions that will aid them solve crimes. The company provides numerous services such as emergency response, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, monitoring services and products, communication, incident management and information management.


Recently, Securus Technologies published a sample of the comments that were made by their facility customers. These were collected from email communications and formal letters that they received from prisons and jails within the United States.


In a comment, a client commended the partnership with Investigator Pro, which made the LBS services the best in the business. The LBS services were also praised by numerous others who said that they had helped the Sheriff’s department to recover drugs, stolen money and other illegal assets. Some of the clients even owned up that without the services of Securus technologies, their work would be way more difficult.


In the comments, there were numerous cases in which investigators had recorded telephone calls that had crucial information about some crimes. For instance, an inmate was recorded talking to his younger sibling about how to answer questions about a shooting. Such information, courtesy of Securus would be instrumental in the case solving process.


Another customer expressed his reliance on the services of Securus Technologies for over a decade now to improving the safety in the correctional facilities as well as revolutionizing the incarceration environment. The investigative tools were also recognized for enhancing the investigations in case there were cases of harassment within the correctional facilities.


Overall, the vision of the company in revolutionizing the communication services for the inmates was highly recognized and praised for what it had brought to the table. Securus Technologies is in pursuit of safety in the institutions.


Securus Technologies Assisting to Close a Cold Case

My team of crime scene investigators were in a really tough spot this week. We were told that if we could not bring a close to a cold case, the suspect was going to be released and able to hurt more people as a result. The family of the victim in that case were terrified because the suspect already said he was going to hold them all responsible for his short time in jail. All signs pointed to the suspect, but unless we got a full confession or we found more evidence, he was going to be on the streets again.


With time running out on this case, we knew it would be impossible to locate any type of new evidence without help, so we headed to the local jail in the hopes our suspect was talking to other inmates about our case. We made sure to let everyone know why we were there and who we were looking for help on. When Securus Technologies installed the inmate call monitoring system, it gave officers the ability to listen when inmates called family or called other inmates too. This was going to be key in our investigation.


One of the inmates went running to talk to our suspect, calling him on the phone and making a real mess of things. Instead of keeping his mouth shut like instructed by the suspect, he went on a tirade about him getting someone to go clean up the mess at a location before they pinned it on him too. He said his family was not going to go down for a crime they weren’t part of. He gave us all the information we needed, to the frustration of our suspect. We were able to get to that location before the suspect could notify anyone to help him.


How We Use Securus Technologies to Clean Up Our Prison

Cleaning up the prison system takes more than locking away the inmates for 23 hours a day in their cells. Even if we were to allow the inmates an hour a day outside their cells, contraband would still be a major issue. We have seen a huge rise in our prison concerning illegal contraband, and despite our best efforts, the inmates still feel they can get their hands on just about anything.


While we used to put a huge effort into monitoring the visitor center, yet it was not yielding the results we had hoped. All that manpower on the front lines, and then the next day we find inmates with drugs, weapons, and cell phones. Even doing surprise cell inspections each day was only recovering small amounts of illegal items, we just could not get ahead of the troubles.


When Securus Technologies installed our new inmate call system, the team told us they would train us on the LBS software and it would allow us to really put a dent in the movement of illegal contraband in our jail. We were about to find out exactly how much in a very short amount of time. As soon as we are all up to speed on how the new communication system worked, we took turns to see who could uncover the most illegals contraband.


Me and my fellow officers monitored the calls for a week, and were astonished after we finished. We found out which inmates were making alcohol in their cells, which had access to an illegal cellphone and was using it after hours, and even a discussion about an officer selling prescription drugs to inmates at a reduced price. Now we use the Securus Technologies system to stay one step ahead of the illegal activities in our jail.


Basics Concerning Rick Smith; CEO Securus Technologies

Rick is a renowned entrepreneur who has invested in a correctional facility. He is highly educated and earned several bachelors from different institutions. His associate’s degree was earned from Rochester Institute of Technology, and his master’s degree in engineering from the State University of New York. Rick Smith also pursued an MBA from the University of Rochester. His academic credentials reflect his matchless ability to traverse through the business community. His leadership qualities have been honed over the years. At Securus Technologies, Rick has been holding influential offices. Mostly he has been serving as the president and CEO. As well, Rick has worked at Eschelon Telecom Inc. as president and CEO. Global Crossing North America Inc. is also one among the ventures in which he had held various offices.

Details About Rick’s Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a correctional communication company. Their head offices are located in Carrollton, Texas. They employ high-end technology that helps individuals visit their incarcerated friends from home. From the ratings they have received so far, the company is offering solutions to a wide range of issues. For the people with imprisoned relatives, there are the specific hours when you can make calls and bond with your loved ones. Most interesting is that you have the opportunity to video-call them. In most cases, the videos give a closer attachment than mere calls. Their top-quality services have made their service quite popular. With the trend, they are likely to take even greater transformation into the incarcerated environments.

Wide-ranging Technological Service Provided by Rick’s Initiative

Rick Smith is committed to taking service at Securus Technologies to another level. As such, he promised to keep integrating technologies to greater levels. Of late, they designed a software program to be used in maintaining safety within prisons. The LBS software was employed by some jail officials to track some corrupt employees. According to the report, they used the program to monitor the phone calls. They managed to get all the information they needed to get hold of the official. From the conversations, they had been receiving money from the inmates and helping them source drugs. Those in charge of enhancing security employed Securus Technologies’ design. They even called the CEO, Mr. Rick Smith, to comment on how useful their service had been. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.


As seen, Rick Smith is an influential leader with an attachment to his employees. Such great milestones demand to pool together talents. It took the founder to discover the secret. Right now he boasts of owning a successful communication company specializing on prisons. Securus Technologies is always setting the pace. In fact, it is the leading inmate communication service provider in terms of integrating high tech.

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Securus Technologies Assisting Again

When Securus Technologies wants to let the public know that they care about their safety, they do so in a big way. This time, they have extended and invitation to them to be their guest at their facility in Dallas, TX. While they are there, they will receive a presentation that will give them a lot of information about the company, and what they are doing in order to keep the public safe. Since there are many people that are concerned about their own safety and the safety of others, this presentation will prove to be very beneficial to them.


The company is also publishing letters that they have received from the public about different issues. In many cases, this helps to solve crimes, both inside and outside of the correction facilities.


Securus Technologies is a company that wants the world to be a safer place for people to live. Because of the way they complete their job duties and their insight, the government requests them to help them in correction facilities on a regular basis. By having contact with over a million prisoners every year, this company has been able to keep everyone safer. They create new ways to do so on a weekly basis, and with their dedication, they will continue to work hard to create a safer world. They are known and respected in the nation and across the globe for what they do.



Getting to Use Securus Technologies

Securus has been one of the best Technologies I have ever used for myself in the past because it allowed me to have better communication with loved ones in the prison system. In a recent news article, it was also talked about how secure is can actually help to prevent crimes because of the fact that everything is being screened in a more secure and responsible manner. This makes it easy for both prisoners and their families as well as people who are actually working in the prison system and are attempting to stop crimes in any way that they possibly can.


In my own opinion with this amazing technology, I have found it to be one of the best things for me and my loved one behind bars. It enabled us all to video message with each other without having to worry that we were at all at risk of any type of crime because of the fact that it also screens for a variety of different things without anyone needing to even be watching you while video messaging your loved one.


If you have a loved one who is in prison, it is very important that you think about using Securus so that you can keep in touch with them in a more professional and responsible manner. This is a great way for you to keep in touch with this person and know that they are doing everything to keep in touch with you as well so that you can feel totally confident in your communication with them on a daily or weekly basis.


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Securus Is Saving Clients Resources With Its ConnectUs Inmate Forms And Grievance Application

Recently, Securus Technologies, a top provider of both civil and criminal justice technology solutions announced that it was saving clients money and time. This savings are made by executing its Inmate Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs. Securus Technologies offers solutions for correction and monitoring, public safety and investigation.

According to Russell Roberts, Securus’ vice president of marketing and strategy, the firm is dedicated to offering new technologies for its clients. I believe that the Inmate Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs acts as an example on how Securus is modernizing its clients using the latest and the most effective technologies.

Often, I have witnessed correctional facilities use paper forms for several inmate requests like medical, grievances, sign up forms, and handbook acceptance forms. For this reason, correctional officers spend a lot of time distributing, collecting, logging, responding, filing, and storing the forms. With the application, inmates can easily access custom forms to make any request.

It only takes few minutes to change a form. The ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance application changes the manual paper processes to digital automation. Each month, Securus automates as well as processes nearly 13.8 forms. It is my view that process saves corrections personnel valuable time.

Chief Kolitwenzew of Kankakee County, notes that the ConnectUs Inmate and Grievance application was the simplest to operationalize. Everyone, including nurses, loves it. I hope that it saves on paper costs and brings creativity to modernize the incarceration process and experience.

Presently, ConnectUs is the most comprehensive and robust inmate platform in the market. It allows inmates access to sets of applications depending on the designation of each correctional facility. Additionally, it provides inmates with unlimited access to services that were never available. ConnectUs offers more capabilities like dynamic application display by time, inmate location and day. It also includes a digital inmate bulletin board that allows correctional staff and inmates to communicate efficiently. This information was initially published on PRNewswire.

About Securus Technologies
Securus Technologies is a leading American technology company that is located in Dallas, Texas. It was formed in 1986. Securus has regional offices in Allen, Texas, Carrollton, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. This information was originally mentioned on Wikipedia as elaborated in the following link Securus Technologies – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia