The Success of Bridget Scarr

A respected writer and creative producer, Bridget Scarr has been making her name known for quite some time. Scarr has produced content for a variety of genres including digital content, tv and augmented reality. Bridget Scarr has nearly two decades of experience as a producer. She has built her career on connecting with large audiences while appealing to their emotions. Recently Scarr sat down with ideamensch to share some insight into her successful career.


Currently Bridget Scarr is the head of content development at Colibri Studios, a well known content development and television studio. Scarr spent years working to produce other peoples ideas as she worked as a tv producer. She decided it was time to bring her own ideas into existence and thus Colibir Studios was born. Scarr now has the freedom to share all of her ideas regardless of what category they may fall into.


Much of Bridget Scarr’s success stems from her precise daily routine. Scarr is a believer in the power of meditation and begins each day with this practice. She credits meditation with her ability to stay focused throughout the day. Her daily routine consists of lots of family time which includes a daily family lunch. She has a firm balance in her life dedicating morning time to work but leaving evenings for her son and family.


Scarr believes her success is the result of some specific traits. Outside of her consistent meditation, Scarr is dedicated to feeding her need for creativity. She takes out time just to find inspiration and motivation to fuel future ideas. Scarr believes taking time out is the most productive thing she can do. This process is energizing and keeps her fresh.


Bridget Scarr believes in getting rid of fear. She is a believe in taking chances and embracing the journey. She has been dedicated to using her God-given gifts and working hard to do as much as possible with them. Her work has produced a career that is respected by many people in many different genres. With an amazing track record and a commitment to success, Bridget Scar should be around for many years to come.


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Take Control Of Your Color With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere, marketing specialist, technology expert, and cosmetic designer was nominated for female entrepreneur of the year because of her creative cosmetic line. Her cosmetics encourages her users to be bold about the makeup options they choose. There are thousands of reasons to take part in the Lime Crime color revolution today. Deere, provides a popular line of eye-shadow and lipstick products. Each product is completely hypoallergenic and blends well with your original look while adding a great line of color. Join the thousands of other women around the world who have made the switch to LC cosmetics. Learn more:

Cosmetics are suppose to be fun says, Deere. She strives to empower her wearers with colors that will help them reinvent their look and be unapologetic while doing so. You get water-proof colors that will last throughout the day eliminating the need for multiple applications. Choose from colors like Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet. In fact, there are 2.4 million Instagram followers who are already raving about the new Scandal lipstick line under the Lime Crime name which offers a tremendously blended purple-violet hue lipstick shade. Deere, thought it was very important to expand her cosmetic line to intricate colors that are hard to find anywhere else. Learn more:

The more colors you wear the more you with love the LC name. They were voted one of the largest growing cosmetics in the industry by famous online beauty magazine Savior Laflare. Deere did an in depth interview telling her readers about her daily regime along with how they can find out what they’re good at, perfect their craft, and become an entrepreneur. Her goal is to build the self esteem of others to do what she has done. She admits her peers were not always happy about her ideas and saw her vision for her color scheme. Learn more:

You can learn more about Lime Crime products by visiting their official website. However, there are thousands of free YouTube tutorials from women around the world who give you creative ways to mix, match, and blend their cosmetics. You will never wear their products the same. You can also take part in their Unicorn hair dye collection which offers the same bold colors you’re use to. Get a full 700 ml jar that is good for one two temporary or one full permanent application. Her Unicorn hair dye collection is set to hit the market any day now.

There is a list of products on their website which offer their customers free shipping offers and hundreds of colors to choose from. You must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid credit card to place an order with Lime Crime. You’re invited to find your favorite color by visiting their website today. Learn more:

Understanding Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson works at the Jackson Family Wines where she is a proprietor and a member of the International sales team. A middle daughter to Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson, she started having an interest in wine since she was young. Julia Jackson was born in 1988 at San Francisco, California. According to her, she was surrounded by wine making since she was young and she participated in picking and also sorting grapes. Julia Jackson worked at many different Jackson Family Wineries after school or during the summers where she got to learn more about wine making and the processes involved in developing great wine.

Julia Jackson formed a lasting relationship with a daughter of one of the company’s winemakers and who was a French speaker. This strong relationship between the two led to an influential summer in Bordeaux where Julia got to learn French and acquainted herself with the French culture. According to her, it has been a longtime passion to learn French and that visiting France and visiting the vineyards and understanding the French style of making wine became a highlight for her life. After learning French, Julia Jackson took up a teaching position while still in college to teach the language to sixth-graders.


At the Jackson Family Wines, Julia Jackson works hard to introduce a new generation of wine lovers from all over the world to the company’s wines. She graduated from the Scripps College where she acquired her Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Studio Art. She also went to the Stanford Graduate School of Business where she got a Certificate in General Management. Julia Jackson has worked in the Jackson Family Wines for more than 7 years and has therefore acquired extensive expertise and experience in the process of wine making. She attributes her success in the wine industry to hard work, discipline, passion and commitment.

Lime Crime–Magical Makeup

Lime Crime is a makeup brand full of creativity and fun. It originated in Los Angeles, California. It is a makeup line for the colorful and outgoing individuals. It consists of lipstick, makeup for the face and eyes, nails, and hair color. Lime Crime first started online and has turned into an empire for makeup. Their products are not tested on animals and are 100% vegan made. Lime Crime provides a way for individuals to express themselves freely with no regrets. It is “makeup for unicorns” because the makeup will make you feel magical. If you have ever wanted to wear pink or blue hair, or maybe metallic green lipstick, then this is the makeup line for you. Nothing is off limits. Lime Crime is never boring, always innovative.


The lady behind it all is Founder and Chief Executive Officer Doe Deere. She came up with her Lime Crime around Halloween. She needed makeup to go with her Halloween costume. She was fed up with not being able to find beauty products that appealed to her sense of style. She loves bright and bold colors. When she created her makeup line, it revealed that she wasn’t alone. Many other young women loved it to. The proof is in the sales.


Doe Deere started out as a band member writing songs. She then graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, also known as FIT, located in New York. She gained a huge interest in fashion design. She loved the concept of fashion speaking for a person. It tells a story without a word having to even come from your mouth. She is unapologetic about what she wears and wants everyone that wears Lime Crime products to be the same way. She is known for the different color of hair, her signature color being purple. She believes that you should be yourself and love yourself, even if the world does not. She struggled with being the outcast as a kid. She now loves the skin that she is in. She is living her dream and she often encourages other young entrepreneurs to do the same!


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Helane Morrison; a Tough Enforcer of Corporate Law

Helane is the Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC, a big advisory firm in San Francisco. Besides that, she is a member of the Executive Committee. The company’s customer bases expanded significantly after 2008 when people’s faith in the financial sector dwindled. People initially only relied on Hall for managing their finances. However, the company began to delve into enforcing accountability due to a pressing demand for the service.


How Morrison Works


Helane is a firm and hardworking woman. She has had a huge impact in the area of compliance. She insists that all investments that Hall makes on behalf of its clients be ethical. The company ensures that all the brokerage firms, the advisors that are part of any deal undergo a thorough investigation. When the staff that Helane works with detects any anomaly, they take corrective measures that may include pressing charges.


Helane’s Past Employment


Before she joined Hall in 2007, she was in charge of the San Francisco office of the SEC. She had been at the US Securities Exchange Commission since 1999. During her time at the SEC, she had various duties such as handling litigation, enforcement of SEC rules, and other related duties. She handled fraud cases that involved some of the biggest corporations in America such as Google, HBO, and HP. Besides that, she exposed a major scheme by American Amicable that involved the sale of false securities to 50,00 military personnel.


Her Work before the SEC


Before Helane became part of the SEC, she worked at a law firm for 10 years. Her work there entailed business litigation, handling corporate investigations, SEC matters, and much more. Before that, she had worked as a law clerk to Harry A. Blackmun and to Hon. Richard Posner a judge at the US Courts of Appeal.


About Helane Hall


Helane has a journalism degree from the Northwestern University, IL. Additionally, she studied law at the California Berkeley School of Law. Her main reason for joining Hall Capital Partners was because if its diverse leadership culture in the finance world. Besides that, she wants to help restore faith in the financial markets, after they lost confidence in it during the 2008 financial crash. She has a firm belief that her current position is a great way for her to do that. Hall also participates in public discussions about financial fraud, which is something that is dear to her. She has not wavered even once in her career in her quest to fight injustice in the financial sector.