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You can enjoy an astonishing aroma while you treat your locks. Wen by Chaz goes a long way to protect dry brittle hair. They’re committed to hair care products that are safe to use every day. You’re invited to build a hair care regimen that’s unique to your hair. However, Wen by Chaz is safe for all hair types. You can start to see results in as little as 30 days. Great hair can give you confidence. Discover the Wen by Chaz collection to become a part of a very proud all natural hair care family today.




Rebel Wilson’s Early Life, Career and Upcoming Rom-Com

Rebel Wilson has come a very long way and overcame a hell lot more obstacles to get to the place she is at the moment. But despite having achieved so much in a career that spans close to two decades, the A-lister has chosen to always be humble and reserved; the two things not so many actors are likely to lose the moment they achieve the kind of success rebel Wilson currently enjoys.

And the latter explains why a lot of people love her. According to her, this has something to do with her upbringing. Rebel Wilson didn’t come from an extremely rich family as some people might assume. She was always the shy little girl who preferred to sit alone in her room rather than go out to play with other little girls. Read more: Rebel Wilson Reveals Character Isn’t Romantic Wears Clothes Fashion Line | Daily Mail and Pitch Perfect 4 Rebel Wilson | Vanity Fair

But once she turned 15, Rebel Wilson decided to do the very thing that scared her the most – break out of her shell. It wasn’t easy at first, but Rebel Wilson was glad to have her mom and Mrs. Bowmaker, her high school teacher, who guided her each and every step of the way. They encouraged her to join societies and it was such platforms that helped her blossom into the character we all love and cherish today.

Rebel Wilson’s Hollywood Career

When Rebel Wilson made the big jump from Australia to Hollywood back in 2010, a lot of skeptics didn’t think it a wise move. For starters, they felt America has enough comedy personalities and she wouldn’t really do as great as she was in Australia at the time. But being true to her first name, she chose to rebel against naysayers and took a plunge.

And just like she had done with everything else, it didn’t take long for Rebel Wilson to prove all of them wrong. Some of the noteworthy movies that our beloved Rebel Wilson has been involved with include Bridesmaids (2011), This Means War (2012), Pitch Perfect (2012). Small Apartments (2012), Bachelorette (2012), and How to be Single (2016) just to mention a few.

Isn’t It Romantic – The Rom-Com

The world couldn’t hide their excitement when it was officially announced that Rebel Wilson will take on a lead role in an upcoming rom-com, Isn’t It Romantic. Knowing Rebel Wilson, the way we do, we only expect her to ace her role as Natalie, a young Australian born architect in New York who also has some preconceptions about love.

The rom-com also has a creative thought out storyline, which is something to be expected d from the legendary scriptwriter Dana Fox. Well, the story is about Natalie who gets involved in an accident on a subway only for her to wake up in a PG13 world.

In order for her to wake up from this fantasy world, Natalie has to not only overcome her preconceptions about love but also fall in love. Some of the cast in the rom-com include Liam Hemsworth, Tom Ellis, Betty Gilpin, Priyanka Chopra, Jennifer Saunders, And Adan De Vine.

Malcolm Casselle: Visions of the Future

Any time an individual is seen as successful and not just one industry but several many people begin to ask what is the key to his success. The same question has been asked of the recent success behind the launch of worldwide asset exchange which has managed to accrue over $100 million in venture capital funding through their initial coin offering whenever they released their own cryptocurrency known as wax tokens. The man behind the company and the current president of worldwide asset exchange is known as Malcolm Casselle.

Malcolm Casselle is able to speak three languages including English and Japanese and holds both a bachelors degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as a Masters degree from Stanford University both in computer science. He has managed to see success as an early stage investor in several technology companies that are well known today. Some of these companies include examples such as Facebook and Zynga. He was also a successful investor in several bitcoin-related companies during the cryptocurrencies infancy. He has also managed to find himself in several key leadership roles throughout the course of his career for several technology companies.

The most well-known role that he has occupied has been as the chief investment officer of OPSkins. OPSkins is the world’s largest merchant that offers bitcoin as well as the world’s leading centralized marketplace for the exchange of virtual assets. Malcolm Casselle was passionate about the implementation of bitcoin-related technology blockchain for the centralized marketplace however he quickly realized the limitations that were inherent in the use of a centralized marketplace format. It was then that he decided it would be the most prudent decision to launch a new company of which he is the president worldwide asset exchange which would operate as a decentralized marketplace for the exchange of virtual goods.

Malcolm Casselle is incredibly confident that this decentralized marketplace will revolutionize the way that goods are traded digitally. He believes that the use of a decentralized marketplace format will help to eliminate several key issues that have been in the industry.

Find out more about Malcolm CasSelle: http://casselle.com/

Fortress Investments Group’s Brightline partnership with Virgin Group

Brightline is the first private railroad in the USA that is owned by Fortress Investment Group. It has carried out the transportation services for over a century now. Brightline most recent initiative is the development of a partnership with Virgin Group, which is currently the leader in travel and hospitality in the US.

It is a move that Fortress Investment Group hopes will be beneficial to Brightline in various ways. Firstly, it is expecting the company to adopt from Virgin the expertise that has helped it to become the industry leader and methods of enhancing the customers’ experience to recreate a brand that is popular and competitive in the industry. Read more about Fortress Investment Group Reviews at indeed.com

The partnership has come at a time when Brightline has expanded its commuter train services to Fort Lauderdale, Miami, as well as Palm Beach. It is also developing plans for other areas including Tampa and Orlando. The Fortress Investments Group announced that the initiative is part of the company’s effort to revive the private sector rail services in the USA.

Since Brightline shares the Virgin Group’s objective of creating unique customer experience and they both have a culture of innovation, Fortress Investments Group saw it as a strategy that positions Brightline for success. Virgin Group is made of at least 60 companies that are diversified in various sectors such as travel, leisure, wellness, Music, health to mention but a few.

Under the management of Fortress Investment Group, Virgin shall own minor interests while Brightline shall remain to be the largest shareholder. The other expected change is the renaming of the railroad system into Virgin Trains USA. Virgin agreed for Brightline to retain its leadership even after the partnership.

Fortress Investment Group is looking forward for the partnership to amplify the growth efforts of Brightline. The partnership is a means to improve access to potential customers that could boost the ridership by millions. Virgin has adequate experience in this kind of investment from their UK based Virgin Trains that have been running for the past two decades. Statistics indicate that in 2017 alone, commuters took approximately 38 million trips using the Virgin Trains

Learn more: https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-Fortress-Investment-Group-EI_IE40847.11,36.htm


Becoming a World-Class Business Person with Igor Cornelsen

Everyone wants to become a successful entrepreneur. The only way to accomplish this is by seeking the knowledge from those who began before us. Well, in that case, Igor Cornelsen is in the top of that list. He entered the financial field when engineers were employed in banks to calculate compound interest. Igor was, therefore, a catch in the industry with a grasp for both engineering and finance.

After serving in many prominent positions in the industry, he finally decided to start his business, his inspiration being his experience. Here are some tips on becoming a better investor from Igor Cornelsen;

Do Your Research Well Before Starting a Business

Many people walk in business blindly. Note that many factors will affect the business you are starting. This includes the policies of the country you’re investing in, taxes and the status of the economy. Avoid being sketchy in your research to avoid losses you could avoid. Igor Cornelsen says that if he wants to invest in Brazil, he will ensure he knows everything about its economy, shipping and anything else depending on what he is investing.

Be an Early Bird

Igor wakes up early to watch European markets open. He also researches on the economies of different nations. Igor begins all his days full of energy to work and accomplish his ideas. He advises the young entrepreneurs to rise up early and get to work because that is the only way to get to the top.

Base Your Decisions on Information Not Opinions

Many people are reporting about the financial market and offering advice. Igor says that you should not rely on the analysis of others to make your decisions. Make an effort of conducting your research if you have to use advice from an expert. Sometimes experts may overlook some things in an economy.

Commemorative Fantastic Beasts Coin Series Available Exclusively At U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Reserve has released their newest exclusive precious metal coin. The company known as”America’s Gold Authority”is one of the leading distributors of gold and silver coins. They offer a wide selection of commemorative coins that appeal to coin collectors around the world.

Their latest product is a limited minted edition that commemorates the Harry Potter brand. The Fantastic Beasts collectible coin was recently unveiled, and it is the first in a series that will be presented to the general public by U.S. Reserve.

The coin consists of one ounce of silver with a finish of black proof. It is a celebration of the Cook Islands Fantastic Beasts that can be enjoyed and cherished by Harry Potter fans and all coin collectors.

Thousands of coin enthusiasts took part in the celebration as they shopped for the Fantastic Beasts first coin offering at the Legendary Precious Metals Supernatural October Sale.

The coin was made available in a limited quantity, with a mintage of 10,000 coins. The coins are legal tender. Legendary Precious Metals was initiated to present the ultimate in unique collectible coins. It is an extension of the Austin-based U.S. Money Reserve. Read more: US Money Reserve Gives to Harvey Relief | Spectrun Local News and US Money Reserve President to Hold Emergency Gold Conference | PR Newswire

The company was founded in 2001, and they have served hundreds of thousands of clients over the years. U.S. Money Reserve was founded by an ex-director of the U.S. Mint. Recently, several members of the executive team were in attendance at the 2018 Lone Sailor Awards Dinner. The dinner was held in Washington, DC. Connect with US Reserve on LinkedIn

The company is a partner with the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation. The awards dinner pays tribute to the men and women who have served their country in the past, as well as to honor those Navy members who are currently serving. The U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation hosted the annual event.

The U.S. Reserve cells directly to the public through professionally produced infomercials on cable TV. Their award-winning infomercials are highly acclaimed, and the company has been recognized by AdSphere consecutively over the last three years for their direct sales TV productions.

There are many other commemorative coins available from the company, including the American Eagle Gold Coin, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the American Buffalo Gold Coin, the Pearl Harbor Commemorative Coin, and more.

Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: https://www.bizjournals.com/austin/cotm/detail/545/US-Money-Reserve and https://www.ispot.tv/brands/Iyt/us-money-reserve

Victoria Doramus Finds Success In Competitive World Of Marketing

Finding your way through any professional field can be at once difficult and satisfying. Victoria Doramus is a print and digital media professional with a focus on advertising, communication, and branding. She has worked with high-profile names across several different industries. From her work alongside Hollywood director Peter Berg to her experiences working for Stila Cosmetics, Doramus has found a way to success at just about every juncture of her career. As a burgeoning entrepreneur with a unique perspective on the marketing world, Doramus is a great source of information. Let’s learn about Victoria Doramus as well as what has made her into the entrepreneur that she is today.

Victoria Doramus, like all entrepreneurs, knows that work doesn’t stop just because you are out and on the go. When you are always looking for quality concepts to explore, you have to have a means to log them. For Victoria, logging her concepts and exploring her daily to-dos comes in the form of a handwritten note that she keeps on her body at all times. The decision to handwrite her ideas and objectives is a deliberate one: the written word is more effective than something you’ll tap into your digital interface.

Success as an entrepreneur, particularly one in the cutthroat field of media and marketing, is determined by your ability to take the metaphorical punch that failure can often swing at you. Fashion expert Victoria Doramus isn’t shy about the failures that she has experienced in life. Instead, Doramus knows that she has to embrace those failures so that she can continue to grow as a person and as a professional. Doramus admits that she has failed many times throughout her career, but she also admits that those failures have helped to sculpt her into the person that you see today.

As well as working hard in the entrepreneurial field, Doramus is tied at the hip to her philanthropic endeavors. Doramus spends both her time and her money in support of the Amy Winehouse Foundation as well as the Women’s Prison Association and Room to Read. Doramus is like many other entrepreneurs, she takes pride in her work and wants to leave an impact behind when she is done.

Alastair Borthwicks Mountaineering Legacy

Alastair Borthwick was a writer and broadcaster for the BBC who was born in February of 1913 and died in 2003. Thanks to Mr. Borthwick’s legacy, a mountaineering movement was started which still continues to this day. In a time when mountain climbing was taboo, Alastair helped spark a movement in Germany’s Weimar Republic consisting of a wave of fresh enthusiasm for hiking and climbing. By the 1930’s, an association was created to cater to these hikers known as the National Youth Hostels Association.

A Mountaineering Trend Setter

The interest in mountain climbing sparked by Alastair Borthwick came at a time when Scotland was experiencing massive unemployment in the Clydebank shipyards. Due to this, many previously employed workers had extra time on their hands and vast mountains calling them to adventure. Alastair’s book, Always A Little Further, was published in 1939 and captured many domestic mountaineering adventures with an emphasis placed on the leading personalities of the mountaineering movement at the time. Other famous writers of the period such as J.H.B Bell and W.H. Murray chose to record the activities of the mountaineering elite, concentrating on climbing.

What made Borthwick’s writings unique, besides his humorous style, was his focus on the actual personalities of the mountaineering elite rather than simply recording their climbing activities. This approach was sensational of course, yet it is probably one of the driving factors behind its enormous amount of success throughout its decades of being in print. Included in some of the stories are wild tales of hiker’s encounters with prostitutes and newbie’s escapades. Alastair Borthwick first offered his manuscript to Fabers for publication, they were reluctant due to the unusual nature of the subject matter. Thankfully, T.S. Eliot, one of the leading directors of the organization at that time, insisted on its publication. This incident would inevitably lead to publishing a book which has remained in print ever since. Borthwick’s other book called Battalion is available here.

Spotlight on Broadcasting and Golden Years

On top of his writing endeavors, Alastair also pursued broadcasting, presenting the BBC’s Scottish Survey series which examined the countries financial health following the war. Both Borthwick and his Wife spent their golden years in Ayrshire before Alastair Borthwick finally settled down in a nursing home at Beith for the last five years of his life.

Continue reading this: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/7954898/alastair-borthwick

OSI Group Continues To Dominate The Food Market Through Key Purchases And Acquisitions

OSI Group is an American food company that operates on an international level, and it has been expanding its operations rapidly. In 2016, the company bought a former Tyson Foods plant and storage warehouse. The plant is 200,000 square-feet in size and is situated close to an existing OSI facility. The senior vice president of OSI North America, Kevin Scott commented on the purchase by saying that it will help to meet the company’s growing customer needs. Tyson Foods was using the facility to help prepare its food offerings but has decided to shut it down in order to focus more on improving the productivity of its company.

OSI Group also picked up another company in 2016 by the name of Baho Food. By purchasing a controlling stake in the company, OSI will now have a larger presence in Europe. Baho Food provides its customers with deli meats, snacks, and convenience foods, and the president and chief operating officer of OSI, David McDonald, expects the move to pay off in the future. He also admitted that while Baho Food prepares the same kinds of foods that OSI does, that it will help the company to offer these in new locations and to an increased amount of customers. Baho Food owns many other subsidiaries that offer products to people in 18 different countries. OSI plans to continue to work with the company’s managing director, John Balvers, who is very optimistic about the future.

Like OSI Group on Facebook

OSI Group continued its growth in 2016 by purchasing Flagship Europe. The company was renamed Creative Foods Europe in 2018 and provides pies, frozen poultry, sauces, dressings, marinades, and sous vide products to its United Kingdom-based customers. Calder Foods was purchased by Flagship Europe earlier on and will add to what OSI now has to offer. Russell Maddock, the chief executive of Creative Foods Europe expects great things from the acquisition. He indicated that it will help the company to reach even more European customers with the kinds of foods they have been asking for.

OSI Group was created in 1909 when Otto Kolschowsky immigrated to the United States from Germany. He grew the company from the ground-up and handed it over to his sons later on in his life. The company has been expanding its operations since the 1970s and continues that mission to this day. Looking forward, OSI plans on continuing to improve its environmental standards and sustainability and continues to win awards for its ability to do so.

Read more: A Century of Innovation at OSI Group

Making A Great Team And Getting Ready For Guinness World Records Week: Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa

Ryan Seacrest is the epitome of a showman, but when he teamed up with Kelly Ripa even he did not realize just how popular the pairing would be. Their first year on Live was a hit and now they are gearing up for their second with the whole host of activities. First things first, though: he said his biggest takeaway is that it was the right decision to bring his old friend Kelly on board. “This is everything she said it would be and more,” Seacrest said while looking at his cohost during the recent recording of the show last season. After a two-week break, they are now gearing up for the second season in just a couple of days. Here is what’s on tap:

First of all, Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa will have a “Guiness World Record 2019” segment which will feature world-class juggler Josh Horton and his wife Cassie Horton. SPOILER ALERT: while they are on the show, they will set the world record for sliced apples during a juggling performance!

The above instance would be just one day of Ryan and Kelly’s exciting “record breaker week”, which will be comprised of entertaining acrobats, a man trying to construct the tallest house of cards, and a whole segment devoted to the show’s producer, Michael Gelman, who himself holds the record of becoming the youngest executive producer of a nationally syndicated talk show in 1988. Yes, Michael Gelman has been with the show non-stop since that time, and there is no one affiliated with the show who doesn’t realize how dedicated he remains even 30 years later. This is just a random sampling of the exciting developments of Live with Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa.

Even before he hosted the Live show, Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) has been very busy as a radio personality, producer and television host. Seacrest might also be best known for being a host of the show American Idol, as well as hosting New Year’s Rockin Eve, and Knock Knock Live. He is also heavily involved in fashion and contributes a lot to philanthropy. He is definitely very excited about this new season hosting Live with his friend Kelly Ripa.

Visit this site: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0780435/